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kassie 23-06-2008 10:01 pm

How were you introduced to SHY?
Was it by a family member or friend? Or did you just find SHY by 'accident'?

What was it that made you believe the Master's teaching? Was it just a sense that things 'clicked' and you knew that you were learning something truly spiritual?

Or were you healed of an illness?

Perhaps someone you know was healed or maybe you actually healed someone?

Share with us!

istvan 24-06-2008 2:48 am

Dear friends,

I welcome Kassie's storytelling posts and i will share with you my story.
I started learning in this school in 1994. I was 15 years of age. It was towards the end of june, a quite nice sunny friday afternoon. I was wasting time with my mother in our towns center. We were quite bored. At one point my mother remembers that a friend of hers told her about some conference that was to take place that day. We decided to go, becouse, anyway we don't have anything better to do.
At this point the story begins.
While walking towards the place of the conference I felt like driven/pulled to towards the place. At that point i did not understand what it was. Now it's obvious for everybody.
We arrived early. Sat in the first row to hear better, as we were first there. After a while people started to come, talking to each-other. Obviously they knew each other.
After some time a nice lady from Belgium came in and started the conference, presenting the school, what is all about. And started teaching Level 1 (back then we learned levels separately - now Level 1 is only a few hours at the begining of Basic Level - and lasted for 3 days).
Right after the Level started and the instructor presented the school my mother passed me a note asking me if I really wanted to do this. She was quite surpirzed about the subject of the conference. I clearly remember my reply: "I always wanted to do this!". After this my mother shut up and we attended Level 1.
This is the story of how met this school.
Hope that I broke the ice and i will see many stories here.
I like these stories becouse they build community and we can know each other better.


kassie 24-06-2008 9:45 pm

Thanks Istvan, this is great to hear your story!

I love your signature by the way :)

I promise to share my story too when I have some free time. I hope others will do the same, why not?

8888 27-06-2008 3:13 am

to my ue friends

I think I love this topic so I should share you here.

I was introduced to SHY by my Dad who got cancer and nearly to die in 2000 when i was in Taiwan where I learned and worked.But very lucky for my Dad because he was recovered his health in very short time by my Mom friend who study level 7 and 7+ I should say by " spiritual energy".
My Family hided me about his sickness when I stayed far from home because I stayed in an other country to earn money for my life in university.
One Day my Dad call me to ask me translate this:" Mankind- Enlightment- Love" in to Viet Namese for him.After that i felt something in me different.I said to my Dad:" Dad, if we have somthing in this world like this sentence, Could you tell me how can i start to learn so I can help mankind".I flied back to my country for anyway.I started at the end of 2001.
The first time when I saw Master Dang through the screen I feel nothing but I only heard one sentence throught all level 6:" You come here to study to help mankind.Remember".
And From that day each time he openned any seminar I just prepare to come to seminar to hear him and recieve energy from his transfer.

Each time i came to the seminars I had to learn many lessons somtime bout:money, loved or benefit lesssons and I feel my soul lighter and lighter.I feel mylife changed all time even in very short periods.
I was student in one university in Viet Nam .I started to guided UE for Viet namese students in 2001.
I belive in Master because I could see my young Viet Nameses can apply all formulas and compassion from his energy transfer and his wisdom.....I feel this is the best way for one very poor country like us.

When Master still alive , He knew I had a mission so He support me alot because I was so young to teach and run one very big centre in Ha Noi Viet Nam for 5 years And after Master pass away I feel I lost the best thing in my life so I decide to move to US for 4 months to get my energy back.OH my story may be it is so long.OK my friend I will tell you more if I have chance.

And Now both my physical body and soul are changed and some my family members could not know how can I change so fast if they did not know I study " MEL".

Love all of you- your sweet friend


tumel 27-06-2008 12:35 pm

The way I came to SHY
Dear friends,

I came to SHY by my friend's introduction. He is my classmate and my old roommate. He called me and told me that there was an UE class, if I took this class for only 2-3 days I could heal myself and heal other people through telephone. I felt very strange and at first I did not believe him. Before he studied SHY, he told lie to me several times in the way that I could not realize easily. I thought that if he told lie to me, he could do better :). Thus I accepted his invitation and came to a SHY class. Since I had heard some spiritual stories told by my parents and in fact I had used amulets to heal myself when I studied far from my home, it seemed to me that I could feel the UE in advance during my first levels. After taking the basic levels, I practiced very hard, I healed for myself every day and I did not get illness as I used to be. I had to wait about three or four months to study levels 5.1&5.2 and I had to go to the class far from my home about 200 miles. But I was very happy to take the class because at that time, the UE class was prohibited in my country. After the class, I felt I was a different people, I couldn't believe what I could do.
Then, I took the UE classes for the next levels whenever they were organized (and I could afford it).
The UE is not only help me to prevent me from the illness but also help me to study and work better.
I love UE and I love our Master.

admin 28-06-2008 4:29 pm

Translate this topic into Vietnamese
TUMEL and 8888,

Could you please translate this topic into Vietnamese? It's very interesting. I think we will have many Vietnamese students participate in this topic.


P.S: 8888 has just translated this topic into Vietnamese at the link:

Thanks for your translation, 8888. :)

Farkhad Fatkullin 03-07-2008 1:13 pm

Dear friends,

I came to UE in the summer of 2000, after my third year in college, studying economics and management. I was advised by my high-school teacher of mathematics - she did various Energy practices before and having found UE, she recommended me to get acquainted with it. In high-school I was interested in Physics, so she said - take a look at UE, it's a different side of physics, you might enjoy it.

I came on Friday, after the mosque - that was the time when Basic level (Level 1-2-3) was conducted in 3 days - Thursday, Friday & Saturday. They didn't want to explain things for one person, so I came next Thursday . It was raining and there were only 2 of us, so they postponed the seminar. A week after that, there were the same 2 of us at the seminar...

Imagine how surprized I was to hear that Master Dang is residing in St.Louis , Missouri... I've spent 1995-96 school year in St.Louis, Missouri as an international high-school exchange student in Clayton High, and then returned to St.Louis for medical treatment at the end of 1996.

So I helped the group of 6 UE students from Kazan that were going to St.Louis for first L7-7+ in August of 2000 with their hotel and other logistics. In September, when Paola & Vanni were coming to Kazan to teach L 5 & 5.1, my wife and my mom were not Ok on my spending the money I earned during the summer for the seminar... but the interpreter couldn't come, so organizers took the risk and asked me to translate... Which is how I did everything up to L20, and got the chance to attend many meetings with Master.


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