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NATO 23-10-2007 2:44 pm

How do we gauge our level of spirituality?
How do we gauge our level of spirituality?

I am going to start a list and hope that everyone will chip in and add more ideas to this list.

Item #1: The weaker the inner violence, the higher the spiritual.

Let me explain myself. Why do we feel the need to argue? The need to be “right”, to correct others. The need to bring others “up” to “our standard”? The need to convince others of our beliefs? The need to explain ourselves? Do we still feel strongly driven by our inner “wants”, I mean any kind of wants, including good “wants” such as the desire to save mankind? Are they nagging?

Can you feel that there is a force within that reacts to the perceptions formed by the senses and mind? That force reacts in violence when confronted with disagreeable words, opinions, actions, situations and events. When I say “react”, I mean it’s not under your control; it bothers you continuously, even in your sleep. And as you lie trying to fall asleep, you can almost hear your mind audibly arguing, explaining, cursing, and what have you. This is what I call the “inner violence”. And where is this inner violence coming from?

I truly believe that only when this force is transformed into peace, love, compassion and tolerance that you can speak of true love, otherwise, be careful, the love you profess to others may not be as true as you might have thought. What spiritual discipline doesn’t call for loving others? UE is not the only one. Yet, how many of us have truly experienced such love in our spiritual life?

By now, I know you are frustrated and that force within you is yelling out at me: “What with all these questions? So, what are the answers? Don’t just tell me what’s wrong and leave me with all these stupid questions.”

I am going to stop now and let you sulk until you can see face to face with that inner violence that is reacting right now to this piece of writing. See what I mean? See how spiritual we really are?

(To be continued)

No Action, Talk Only

Myriam 23-10-2007 4:23 pm

Hi NATO, don't know you, but why these questions mean to ...

Each one is different and by adding our differences making Oneness hand by hand we can trust the mission : applying the techniques we have learnt for helping around us and the Humanity too.

with Love and Light, and Peace

healingnow4u 28-10-2007 6:44 am

Dear NATO,
I am as spiritual as my Divine Guides me to be. I trust that "every knee will bend" that is EVERY KNEE WILL BEND. I have moments when i am just me being me and i have moments that are full of spiritul guidance. I know what it feels like if i keep that spiritul guidance to myself when i was to share it with whomever was around me. I choose to share because i have an understanding that "when two or more are gathered in my name, I Am there also."

It is fun for me to be in a spiritual mindset. So when I reconize "stinnky thinking" i just remind myself that "Everything is in Divine and Perfect Order Right NOW. Keep saying this to yourself when you catch yourself in a violent state of mind...before you know it your spiritual mindset will mold your mind in a way that you too will have fun being in that spiritual mindset.

Sincerely Yours in Love of Spirit, Love, Light and Happiness

healingnow4u 01-11-2007 1:55 am

A Helping tool to use for Spirituality guidance
Twelve Principles of Spiritual Activism

1. The underlying motivation must be rooted in compassion and love, not anger, fear, and despair.

2. There must be a non-attachment to outcome. If our work is to foster lasting positive change, we must commit to doing something even if we never see the results in our lifetime.

3. If our work has integrity, that in itself will protect us.

4. Integrity in means cultivates integrity in the fruit of our work; we cannot achieve a noble goal using ignoble means.

5. Demonizing our adversaries leads to polarization. People respond to arrogance with their own arrogance.

6. Move from an "us-them" consciousness to a "we" consciousness.

7. Our work is for the world rather than for us.

8) Selfless service is a myth, because in serving others, we also serve
ourselves. In giving we receive. Falling into the trap of pretentious
service to others needs encourages a false sense of selflessness.

9. Don't insulate ourselves from the pain of the world. We must allow our hearts to be broken open.

10. What we attend to, we become. If we attend to battles, we become embattled. If we give love, we become loving. What we choose shapes and deeply defines us.

11. Rely on faith -- not blind adherence to any set of beliefs but a knowing from experience the universal principles beyond our direct observation.

12. Love creates form. It is the mind that gives rise to the apparent fragmentati on of the world, while the heart operates at greater depth.

vladimir 20-11-2007 5:25 am

Hey you, expecting results without effort! So sensitive! So long-suffering! You, in the clutches of death, acting like an immortal! Hey sufferer, you are destroying yourself!

-Santideva, Bodhicaryavatara

* * *
Love & Light


thien thu 2 24-11-2007 9:08 pm

Dear UE friends,

How to evaluate our level of spirituality ?

The question sounds very interesting ! You may be able to do it yourself but when you evaluate others’ spirituality, the problem may be more complicated -in language communication ( to express the assessment technique.) Those who can make self evaluation by using the norms in another dimension cannot prove it to those who don’t have yet the ability to understand/see the norms ! Much less we convince them! We don’t speak the same language, that is ! How can we explain the evaluation techniques in cosmic dimension , using language in physical realm ? The more you are try to put it clear to others the more “they” may think you are trying to play…an unfair game !
To my viewpoint, this matter will remain unsolved , don’t you think so, Lotus and N.A.T.O?

Of course , a more convincing explanation of the assessment would be lovely appreciated.

Thien thu

lotus 25-11-2007 3:17 pm

Just the result, dear thien thu 2, just the result!

What a really spiritual person can do, and what he/she CAN'T DO!
His/her priorities! His/her abilities! etc- - -etc- - -
Do you see what I mean? We find in really spiritual persons what we don't find in other persons! And really spiritual persons know it! I'm afraid the reverse isn't possible!
With L & in the L

vladimir 26-11-2007 12:10 am

I declare that the overcoming of clinging to the impurities of the world is possible for a person who knows and sees but not for a person who does not know or see. In the person who knows and sees, the dustless and stainless Eye of Truth arises. Seeing the truth, he sees things as they are. Seeing the truth, the eye is born, knowledge is born, wisdom is born, science is born, and light is born.

-Samyutta Nikaya

* * *
Love & Light


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