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Dan Noel 26-06-2008 8:14 am

One way to move the school forward would be to invite members to relate whatever teachings they may have received from Master Dang's soul after his body died. This happened to me. Details follow. Should others have similar experiences, maybe we can pool them and give new life to the school.

All over the course of August of 2007, I perceived that the soul that was previously attached to Master Dang's mind prodded me from my HUE level at the time (13, sun) to high levels, up till I invoked the totality of the big bangs of the "many universes," while prodding me to perform massive healing operations at the level of the whole humankind. Later, “the Gods” granted me a license to practice at that "many big bangs" level; I ended up establishing a direct connection with "Divine love" and putting together a "healing machine," which is an artificial soul that dispenses Divine love automatically and permanently according to an algorithm written in plain statements structured similarly to computer programming.

I have started to informally teach spiritual healing, with some success, according to what I learnt and articulated along these principles:
a)virtually every human being has the power to practice healing; his/her chakras 2-7 are ready to operate following birth, courtesy of my healing machine (see above);
b)I present a simple, elementary-school level, theory of spiritual healing, as an additional facet for all people (including fundamentalists and atheists) to view their existing religion;
c)every human being can progress at his/her own rhythm, without the intervention of a teacher, by just reading simple instructions and practicing;
d)as people invoke ever higher levels of energy, they are invited to progress in small, incremental steps;
e)this teaching is open-source: anybody can and may teach others what he/she understands.

I am slowly working on putting together a web with this course, which anyone will be able to access for free.


Dan Noël

kassie 26-06-2008 11:43 pm

'Massive healing operations' ? By which you mean collective energy transfer to a country location. We can all do that according to our Level in UE. No need to aggrandize and congratulate yourself for it with this kind of language.

Mr. Dan, you have invented a:

"healing machine, which is an artificial soul that dispenses Divine love automatically and permanently according to an algorithm written in plain statements structured similarly to computer programming."

Permit me to say so Mr. Dan, but since none of my other colleagues seem to find anything to comment about this, I will take it upon myself to do so:

#1: It just seems somewhat bizarre and off the wall. Period.

#2: It also seems highly unlikely that such a machine could exist EVER. It sounds like that guy Rael who claimed he had cloned the first human being with the help of outerspace aliens. In fact, it is also rather in line of what the Master taught us that the Atlanteans tried to do in replacing God through their own scientific inventions. If you have invented such a machine you will either be very rich or locked up depending on how the government sees fit to deal with you.

#3: In view of the fact the Master taught us to harness the energy DIRECTLY from the Universe into our very own bodies then to the bodies of other human beings, why in heck would we need a MACHINE to do it for us?

Sir, I am calling you out on the fact that you are trying to invent your own school of spirituality based on 'somewhat' bizarre theories that are a warped and twisted version of what the Master taught.

Good luck with that.

istvan 27-06-2008 2:13 am

Dear friends,

Since Master left us we managed to create enough chaos in this School. Let's start putting the pieces back together. Let's follow what Master thought us, try to understand what He had thought us, because we are far, far away from understanding completely.
I believe that only after we understand completely we can afford to move further.
If anybody wishes to start a new, completely different school they are free to do so, i won't judge anybody. Anyway in the last year we already created so many.
We all have our free will. If anybody wishes to create "healing machines" they are welcome to do so. Personally i will stick to what Master has thought us. It works perfectly fine. And, anyway the healing part is not the most important thing in our School. I don't see our school as a 'healer production plant' but as a School of Spirituality. In my view the healing part is merely a spiritual exercise for us to evolve and understand things.


Myriam 27-06-2008 5:23 am

Dear Dan, Kassie and Itsvan,

Thank you for your contribution. The most wonderful machine I ever know is Human body heart and soul created by GOD LOVEPOWER. From my own little point of view, we are coming from the same source of creation and Energy : Energy of Universe which is currently name as GOD. We are travelling with the most beautiful spatial vessel : our Mother Earth without moving we are making around 30 km per second (speed of rotation of Earth around the Sun).

The number of cells in the human body is estimated at around :
10 000 000 000 000

I have a question : we know that our heart pulse our blood through all body for nutriting our cells and organs, but where is the source of the Energy, the central "battery" containing the electricity for this marvellous composition of cells : our body ?

nb : we know that our brain with the nervous connections and chemical-electricity produce thoughts, (and ... movements... ??) but where is the source of all the Energy we need to be ?

I hope my question is clear as I do my best to explain what is coming to me right now...

We are learning since infinited times from and with others humans, and we met the master, and we met all together, in this time -and what is the purpose we have for coming to learn from these teachings we got to share with other people, as it is our family, concerns, or other human people...

And I cross now the question of Kassie in another post/subject ...

Universal Energy, you can find notice in Bhagavad Gita, and many others sources. I am born in a christian family, discover about Jesus and Mother Mary, with my granmother, a very natural and simple woman, with a real common sense, she was a very faithfull person.. I have baptised, and when time as come I prepaired to the communion for 4 years as many youngers.
But for long I have looking for answers about non sense of souffrance, wars and so on. When I became elder, I have been interested by others traditions : cultural, religious, people, countries and so on...

My understanding has coming to the point that GOD, whatever the country, the language, and the name people give him, is the same for everybody; that when we are worrying for some of our family for illness, (mother for children for example) or when someone we love is dying, we all have the same tears, when we are hurted, we have the same red blood in our veins... And even if we don't ever know how to tell, sometimes, that we love, WE HAVE LOVE IN OUR HEART.

Minerals, vegetals, animals, humans, have different matters, colors, systems, but all come from the same source with the same purpose, with all their differences, manifesting the Presence, Love, and Energy of GOD.

Thank you dearest sisters and brothers from Earth, our main country, be blessed, as you give my heart the opportunity to share this with you tonight,

Love Light Peace and Joy to all and each of you,

Farkhad Fatkullin 15-07-2008 12:32 am

My friends, Master said there won't be seminars higher than L20 and that after that we'll be meeting to share our experiences. There are no good or bad experiences, just like opinions. I am only concerned we are not sharing much, waiting for others to go first... How big's the risk of following the destiny of Atlantis?

Farkhad Fatkullin 25-07-2008 3:05 pm

Here's the message we received from Anthony via mel_group2007@yahoogroups.com

Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 15:45:28 -0000
Subject: [mel_group2007] Re: Check out my Facebook profile

> Dear Brothers and Sisters,
> If we are wanting to reachout to Huminty to Help Humainty we may be
> able to, by using all the tools that this ever expanding Universe is
> offering us in this day and time. Look forward adding all of you to
> Facebook. Welcome one and All.
> Sincerely Yours in Love, Light and Healing Happiness,
> Anthony

good job! whatever we can dare to do is great!
I don't feel like words are the best way to convince others thus spreading the message, so I prefer action, describing it with few words when I find proper.

As an interpreter I come to contact with active people (from all walks of life). So my spreading the message is more on the "passive" side.
Whoever wants to find out about me, can come to my webpage and find out that I also do MEL interpretations. Often times, I decline to interpret for the Office of the President of Tatarstan (in our case, it's like a governor of a U.S. state) to do interpretations/communication support for MEL.

How do you spread the message brought by Master Dang? Can you share that, my friends?

spring 30-07-2008 2:32 pm


Nguyên văn bởi Farkhad Fatkullin (Post 2564)
How do you spread the message brought by Master Dang? Can you share that, my friends?

I think this is rather 'easy'.
We won't have to act like missionaries, trying to convince everyone around us, near or far, about the advantages and positive effects of UE.
We just have to act in the loving way that Master has taught us. That way we will show others what the message is like and sooner or later people will ask you about this. : 'How come you never loose your temper?' 'How come you stay patient all the time?' 'How come you can cope with so many difficult circumstances in such an easy way?'. These kind of questions they might ask you. And you can explain very simply, speaking form your heart, and people will be interested.
And then it is up to them - as always- to take action themselves or not. This is not our concern. We merely have to show, live up to what we have learned and transfer energy and that will be enough.

And... I started by telling this is 'easy'... of course this is the most difficult part for us. Not to fall back into ego-behaviour, but keeping on the level of love and compassion at all times.

Farkhad Fatkullin 07-10-2008 11:51 am

Where Master Dang wants to take us?
Dear friends,
Attached is the picture of the text of the Announcement, made during a break of the first L19 seminar (Melbourne, Jan.4-10, 2007).


Farkhad Fatkullin 07-10-2008 11:07 pm

Keeping in mind Master Dang's reluctance to ask his students for something directly (Oriental's concept of respecting privacy of others and avoiding challenging directly, as opposed to us, the Westerners) - it's basically a sign that we, the students, especially those that did higher levels, can start contributing even more.

Why? Can somebody share their ideas on the subject?

Thank you in advance,

Dan Noel 20-11-2009 7:25 am

My spiritual healing course, publication started
A couple of months ago, I uploaded the embryo of my course on spiritual healing: www.Know-Reason-Love.com. It provides an introduction, plus an invitation for ordinary people to start healing. As I "get to it," I'll add more information. The first upgrade will probably be a thorough basic course, including the due acknowledgement to Master Dang and MEL for their early guidance.


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