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Farkhad Fatkullin 29-03-2008 9:35 am

-----Original Message-----
From: Farhad Fatkullin <frhd@mail.ru>
To: Paola <paola@shyitalia.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 20:30:10 -0600
Subject: 1st Intermediate from Torino

> Dear Paola,
> Auditing opportunities of your wonderful seminars have immense spiritual value for all those who have a possibility to connect. Thank you for continuing the work of Master Dang. From www.shyitalia.com I learned that the nearest seminar you teach in Torino will be "1st Intermediate" on May 23-25, 2008.
> I marked my intention to interpret it on the Calendar of Worldwide UE students forum as follows: http://www.ue-global.com/calendar.ph...=2008-5-23&c=1
> regards,
> farhad

Farkhad Fatkullin 12-04-2008 5:29 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: Farhad Fatkullin <frhd@mail.ru>
To: paola@shyitalia.com,mel-staff@mel-gl...shyru@narod.ru,MEL- Australia <melozie@bigpond.net.au>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 18:37:40 -0500
Subject: Fw: [LEAP3] The pictures
> Dear Paola, Trung, Theresa, Ildus, MEL friends,
> I am forwarding you my bi-weekly report to U.S. State Department & National Conference of State Legislators that brought me to Nashville, Tennessee. This is what I am busy doing here.
> In my free moments, I try to keep you in tune with the expectations of Worldwide UE students, so I keep you under some pressure As they say, all is allowed in love and war
> I want to thank you for what each of you is doing to further the teaching of our beloved Master Dang.
> stay well, you are important part of my life,
> farhad
> P.S. Tomorrow, April 12, is the 47th anniversery of the first flight to space made by Soviet kosmonaut (austronaut) Yuriy Gagarin in 1961. I am sure that we all do our own trips from time to time
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Farhad Fatkullin <frhd@mail.ru>
> To: @yahoogroups.com
> Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 16:26:06 -0500
> Subject: Re: [LEAP3] Reports due TOMORROW
> >
> > Dear Nadia,
> > Dear friends,
> >
> > Within last two weeks, as a part of my legislative internship in Nashville, together with other interns I visited Riverbend Prison (March 30), attended a meeting with Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper (April 4), Candidate Panel (discussion between 2008 Tennessee Intern Gubernatorial & Speaker candidates, April 7), Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL, April 9) day on the hill events http://www.tislonline.org/tislday.html
> > & our Interns Mock Session in the House Chambers today.
> >
> > On the first day of this bi-weekly period I reported on my previous research project & since then I am paying attention to revenue issues.
> > To prepare some proposal (which of course are like a sand in the desert), I have to learn quite a lot on the issue & the search for information which I do on computer allows me to stream various committee meetings.
> > The important one for me was a Statewide Franchise Press Conference on AT&T/Cable Bill, on which I did some work in the beginning of the session.
> > Even if analysts are doing most of the work themselves, thanks to my personality I manage to find some exciting hands-on learning opportunities here or there.
> > Yesterday, I attended one of the construction project meetings with Legislative Administration director Connie Frederick.
> >
> > In the coming week, before flying to DC, I plan to attend Tennessee Municipal League meetings (with Fiscal Review analyst I cooperated on my previous project) & then a meeting with Former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist. I arranged to have an opportunity to shadow our Internship program director Donna Morgan, as well as talked with a person from Finance & Administration department (executive branch) to get permission to sit at one of their project meetings.
> >
> > Attached please find 4 pictures from our March 4 intern-member Donut Breakfast:
> > * 6d56 with Speaker Naifeh
> > * cf8e with our Intern House Clerk (who did a great job today)
> > * da9c Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey with Intern Speaker Pro Tempore (center) & Ms.Intern Lacey Taylor (the one with most bills considered today).
> > * f3bb with Hon. John Morgan, Comptroller of the Treasury (center) & Rep.John Hood of Murfreesboro (member of House Finance, Ways & Means committee & Joint Fiscal Review committee, I first met him while visiting Veterans Affairs Nursing Home in his district on Feb.4).
> >
> > This weekend I expect to get hold of pictures from March 26 "Bring your parents to work day" & will make the available to you as well. Unfortunately Olesja was not there, but her host was
> >
> > I do volunteering, educational component during the week nights & on weekends engage in social life of various communittees.
> >
> > regards,
> > farhad
> >
> > P.S. Ideas for LEAP follow-on activities
> During TISL day on the hill, we were given a 15 minutes presentation video of the initiative, which was started some 38 years ago, at the same time as Tennessee internship program.
> Having access to this well-prepared presentation, and being a simultaneous interpreter, I came up with an proposal to translate this into Russian (record the soundtrack) & combine it with video-sequence.
> I went ahead & obtained verbal permission to use that final product for non-commercial educational purposes on condition that I post it to TISL executive director Jeff Wilson, to whom I send the copy of this message. I'll be bringing the original copy with me to our meeting during NCSL Spring Forum for you to view it.
> Before leaving Nashville in May, I'll do the preliminary translation work & then during debriefing/pre-departure orientation in DC/Moscow we could record the soundtrack in multiple voices (in Russian), if anybody wishes to participate.
> Later on I intend to do the same thing also into Tatar for use in educational activities within various youth groups in my home Republic.
> I am putting this idea forward in case any of my Russian/Georgian/Ukrainian colleagues might wish to join/ or stimulate further brain-storming on other possible follow-up activities. Please be ready to bring whatever you have learned in your States to our open discussion table in DC

Farkhad Fatkullin 17-04-2008 9:36 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: Farhad Fatkullin <frhd@mail.ru>
To: paola@shyitalia.com
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 09:21:29 -0500
Subject: Re[2]: Reply to Paola's comments
> Dear Paola,
> I see your point & I agree with it.
> If I were you, I wouldn't want to act differently.
> You do not have to join neither Trung nor Theresa to continue your mission, which was recognized by Master Dang.
> Master Dang vested you with this responsibility, so none of us, Theresa & Trung included (if we consider ourselves his "spiritual children") has a right to say anything what you should or should not do. This is how I see it.
> The logic is simple & straightforward - if we respect what Master Dang said, we respect your important mission for Italy, India, Eastern Europe & Africa. If otherwise, it means we do not follow the teaching of Master Dang.
> So our job is not to tell you what you should or should not do, but to ask you to guide us...
> which is exactly what I ask you to do for me & my fellow UE students in Russia & Ukraine.
> I always portrayed it in Russian-speaking environment, despite Ildus' or Irina's or anybody elses desires.
> I guess I might be asking you for too much... First for Internet-auditing, now for coming in person... Would you be willing to agree once more time, ha?
> I was stunned to realize so clearly what I tried to explain in my previous letter (the below). It seems that Higher Beings are guiding Trung to come to Italy and do what needs to be done long since: to acknowledge your mission just like Master Dang did. As long as we have bodies, we are all human - so things move slowly, with some friction, but the truth is eventually coming out.
> Trung is a great manager & has a strong personality (Master didn't put him in charge of MEL-Headquarters for nothing, right? ) - I bow down before his silent persistence in overcoming cross-cultural frictions.
> I only ask you to give Trung the chance to do what needs to be done to set things straight again. In this, he has a great role.
> Please keep June 15-July 2 locked for Russia/Ukraine trip in your schedule & don't let your computer to erase that from your calendar, at least until Trung comes to Torino. Can you do that for me & for your "Russian" children?
> I also ask you to give Vu a chance to join you in teaching L16-17-18 in Russia & Ukraine, as he can learn a lot from you - the most experienced & the most respected UE instructor in the world. Your Russian-speaking UE "children" & all UE students in the world will only win from such "cross-pollination" of ideas.
> I will further use this occasion to express something that has long been discussed among Russian-speaking instructors & studnets - we should stop thinking that the importance of a UE center depends on the amount of control over others, which is total non-sense...
> Remember "There is no hierarchy of power and controlling others in the school of UE, but the one of helping"?
> You said this at L7 seminar in Dnepropetrovsk in May of 2006, when Olegy finally said "Enough" & for the first time organized it, despite the desire of the mighty Irina... Those who do not respect the truth, will go in vain...
> Thank you for your invitation to join your example to commemorate the anniversary of Masters' passing away.
> I'll pass it on to UE instructors & students in Russia & around the world.
> Trung & Zarko didn't yet give the chance to help individual Russian centers/instructors to set up own web-pages on MEL-global, so I welcomed UE-Global.com administrator's initiative to give me total control over ru.ue-global.com, where we'll have
> a. webpages about Russian-speaking UE students communities around the world and
> b. webpages about all Russian-speaking UE instructors (no matter if they work with Trung or Theresa).
> So far I just created some directories & put there a link to my old web-site www.shyru.narod.ru
> Ildus just agreed to use shyru@narod.ru as his email address.
> amore da U.S.
> farhad
> P.S. Please come to Russia & Ukraine this June. Neither I, nor Oleg & many other UE students (including great majority of head-centers) were the ones who invited Trung or Vu to come to Russia/Ukraine, as they don't know them well-enough & cannot trust them (just like Theresa).
> We trust you, so I join Oleg in inviting you. So sorry, I didn't yet find time to translate his invitation...
> Last week & this week I was working on setting up the schedule of meetings during my week-long trip to New York & Washington, DC on April 20-27 as well as attending various legislative committees in the assembly here & municipal league meetings in Double-Tree hotel in downtown Nashville.
> Don't think that it's all work & no fun though - last Saturday (after translating your Basic Level) I went to Russian & Italian community weekend schools & did 35 miles by bike (returning home) & on Saturday, between your & Vu's seminars - I was (as usual) at Sunday service at the church of my hosts (www.christchurchnashville.org) & then Modern Christianity discussion class. Tomorrow, local Christian-Muslim cooperation board member invited me & my Nashville host family to join him on for a Friday prayer in a mosque, visiting Iraqi cultural center & Iraqi restaurant for lunch after that. Whilst in the evening we have our Legislative Assembly Intern Gala (dance) event.
> In Kazan, baby dropped & my wife Roza went into delivery hospital 24 hours ago. We expect our son to be born around this weekend. No news so far.
> Saturday I go for the 1st day of seder (Passover) service in West End Synagogue in Nashville.
> I'll be in St.Louis visiting my St.Louis host family, going to their Presbyterian church & also my Jewish St.Louis Mom & going to Synagogue with her on first or second weekend of May.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: paola@shyitalia.com
> To: "Farhad Fatkullin" <frhd@mail.ru>
> Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 10:15:14 +0200 (CEST)
> Subject: Re: Reply to Paola's comments
> >
> > My dearest Farhad,
> > it seems that you cannot see my point of view. If I want to stay neutral I
> > cannot stay with Trung or Theresa. I invited Theresa to come to Italy
> > because my students wanted to continue the teaching of the Master.
> > Now, I have invited Trung, to give him a chance to meat the students of
> > our school, so that everybody will choose, if they want, the side they
> > want to stay.
> > As I said, I'm going to stay in the middle, and this is very difficult. I
> > know I will have problems, but at the end, I will be the winner, not in
> > the material way, but spiritually. I think this is what my beloved Master
> > wants from me.
> > So I decided not to come to Russia and Ucraina, even if I would like very
> > much to come, as I decided not to go in Australia for the commemoration of
> > the Master and for the level 21st!
> > I will commemorate him here, with the students that believe in the Master!
> > The Master is always with us, so I do not see why I should go to Australia.
> > We are organizing a trip in the centre of Italy, in a sacred place and we
> > will stay together, meditate, eat and enjoy ourselves in the company of
> > our beloved Master. I think that we will leave Torino on the 10th of
> > August to come back on the 17th.
> > Naturally everybody is invited.
> > I know that Trung will commemorate the Master not in Australia, nor in the
> > USA, but somewhere else.
> > You see?
> > For me it is not important to teach: if I will be called by the Superior
> > Beings, than I will be teaching, if not it means that I have fulfilled my
> > mission already. I'm in peace with everybody and I'm not eager to do
> > anything. I let everything in the hands of God.
> > Love from Paola
> >
> >
> >
> > > Dear Paola,
> > >
> > > Indeed, Trung & Vu do a better job communicating ...
> > > but there are still somethings which are not clarified just yet.
> > > Despite some general cultural similarities between all of the Vietnamese
> > > that were around Master Dang, these two are doing the best job in staying
> > > in touch with Master's students worldwide (which I mentioned in my
> > > yesterdays' Russian UE Newsgroup post).
> > >
> > > Here is how I view what's going on (once again, it's thinking aloud, so
> > > the details might be different).
> > >
> > > Trung & Vu well understand that you are the one who has maximum authority
> > > in UE in Eastern Europe (for all of us, who consider you as "our mother in
> > > UE", since we learned from you), so they are now trying to find a way to
> > > save own face from their great mistake, when they tried to start making
> > > decisions themselves, without asking your preliminary approval.
> > >
> > > They were seduced to make that mistake because your "adopted children"
> > > Ildus & Irina (who are great in organizational issues & try to get their
> > > ideas implemented quickly & smoothly) started communicating with them on
> > > some issues without putting you in the perspective.
> > >
> > > I am sorry to say, I was not able to recognize this slip early enough, as
> > > it seemed those little things were not related to policy, and OK for the
> > > local & global administrators to speak behind closed doors... As you know,
> > > I was translating/interpreting all of Ildus' communications, as for Irina,
> > > there were way too many factors (since I first met her in 2000) that she's
> > > her own boss... Well, long term it almost lead to repeat of the Goddess
> > > Nut phenomenon...
> > >
> > > I interpret Trung's desire to invite you to lead them in Russia & Ukraine
> > > this June, his phone calls to you & inviting your to discuss things on
> > > April 6, shaping the trip to meet your schedule requirements are clear
> > > signs that he well understands supremacy of your role in UE for Eastern
> > > Europe, Italy, India & Africa.
> > >
> > > Now that Istvan & I are interpreting your seminars into Russian/English &
> > > making it available to all qualifying UE auditors ( + have a person willing
> > > to do that into French), he well knows that Worldwide Spiritual
> > > Headquarters for UE are where you are, whilst MEL-Headquarters is back to
> > > the role of Global administration matters. I am glad to see
> > > MEL-Headquarters start doing their job better, helping us - the people on
> > > the ground, to spread the message of the Master.
> > >
> > > The fact that he didn't communicate all the details & reasons for decision
> > > making clearly during April 6 Skype-meeting had lead you & all of us to
> > > doubt Trung's true intentions. I am happy that both you & the
> > > Russian-speaking side of the Russia-Ukraine visit project didn't sack the
> > > project right away, but signaled Trung to think it over.
> > >
> > > The piece of information you provided yesterday (that Trung is coming to
> > > Italy on May 19-22), is very encouraging.
> > >
> > > It doesn'e seem a simple coincidence that:
> > >
> > > * you were still unable to sell your house - the one where you placed the
> > > Monument to Unknown Soldiers & Mainkind Ancestors Altar (even if you did
> > > both in a different standard - it's the intention that counts).
> > >
> > > * that Vu will be teaching his first L16-17-18 seminars in Russia (June
> > > 19-22) & Ukraine (June 26-30).
> > >
> > > * that Ildus is willing to inaugurate the Monument to Unknown Soldiers &
> > > Mankind Ancestors Altar in his place/center on June 23rd, the day after
> > > Theresa is inaugurating the Big Antenna in Nizhnij Novgorod.
> > >
> > > Trung is likely to invite you to meditate for 30 minutes in front of your
> > > Altar/Monument & invite you to teach L16-17-18 together with Vu.
> > > It's going to give Trung the respect among all Russian-speaking UE
> > > students & participants of UE-global forum from 46 countries, which we
> > > very much need for UE Chief Worldwide administrator to have, if we are
> > > willing to coordinate our efforts in order to make LONG HUA come true.
> > >
> > > I am inclined to think that Trung would like to use this "teaching
> > > marriage" between you & Vu as a Worldwide precedent - a model which will
> > > be enriching both students & instructors themselves. The example of you &
> > > Vanni, that disagreed in some issues and thus were able to allow students
> > > to see different sides of the magnificent message of Master Dang, was what
> > > lead our beloved Ildus to introduce "instructor coupling" throughout
> > > Russian Federation. This initiative of Ildus, even though initially
> > > opposed by many instructors and was difficult to get to, is now receiving
> > > favorable comments of some of the instructors themselves.
> > >
> > > Thus Trung, who is not an instructor (just like me), would re-energize the
> > > hearts of UE students, which is very important if we are to expect them to
> > > contribute into making UE school stronger. MEL-Global would become an
> > > official portal having information on Worldwide centers, research
> > > activities & official results ( like that of www.un.org ), whilst UE-Global
> > > will be an independent place where we all speak-out our individual ideas
> > > (a deliberative body, assembly of individual UE students). This
> > > arrangement might at first sight seem "unusual", but it's already there.
> > > It's thanks to these sources of information that UE school managed to
> > > overcome the difficulties of transformation after passing away of our
> > > beloved Master Dang.
> > >
> > > It's also not a coincidence that Trung's making a meeting with UE students
> > > in Macedonia a few hours after I'm scheduled land in Moscow on May the
> > > 16th. I'll be able to get to "your best daughter" Ramzija's place &
> > > interpret online for those who'll be able to listen.
> > > This will help Trung to get at least this small group of Russians (that
> > > will be the first ones to hear the message of his) to start talking that
> > > Trung is not hiding information, that he's not trying to be the "boss" who
> > > directs & that he's being constructive... something that Russian-speaking
> > > UE students didn't really get to see yet.
> > >
> > > We are tired of our history of Czars & Party Secretaries who usurp power,
> > > and growing number of UE students are relying on independent sources of
> > > information about UE Worldwide, an alternative to the local centers (most
> > > of which are inclined to shepparding own flocks vs. helping them to grow
> > > stronger and take their own course, as Master taught). Even among those
> > > who are with Theresa there are plenty of those who are not convinced that
> > > what she's doing is right, but are there because she gave them chance to
> > > transfer energy up to L6 & keep all the money. Theresa's emotional
> > > messages managed to blurr the vision of many and claims that Trung
> > > 'offended' her natural right to inherit the leading position in UE
> > > (because she spent a lot of time with Master in last 9 years, practiced
> > > Spiritual-Sexual Unification with him & raised his last child) made them
> > > almost immune to whatever Trung or Ildus are speaking about. Your uniting
> > > message is the one that can find the way into their hearts
> > > . If Trung officially invites Theresa to visit Kazan during the seminar
> > > that you and Vu are to teach together, give a short speech to students &
> > > attend the inauguration of the Monument/Altar (maybe even be the one who
> > > cuts the band), he's going to score points big time (wheather Theresa
> > > accepts or refuses).
> > >
> > > Of course, Trung will have to phrase that invitation very well (sleep with
> > > that idea for a while, and give others to take a look at the way he puts
> > > it before sending it to Theresa & publishing at MEL-Global), but if he
> > > makes this (his cultural background is such that he might come up with
> > > some great ideas, whilst variety of cultures of which we are a part can
> > > help him view others necessary sides), Theresa will be forced to attend
> > > and play the set role, if she wants to keep her image among Worldwide UE
> > > students community. As for Russian-speaking UE students, including all
> > > head-centers that are with Theresa - they are all paying attention to news
> > > that I share.
> > >
> > > I'm glad to see Trung helping us (the students of Master Dang) to farther
> > > the message of the Master, his beloved father.
> > > As for Theresa, even if she doesn't do that now, she'll either start doing
> > > it soon, or her sphere of influence will deminish significantly.
> > >
> > > amore da nashville,
> > > farhad
> > >
> > > -----Original Message-----
> > > From: paola@shyitalia.com
> > > To: "Farhad Fatkullin" <frhdkazan@gmail.com>
> > > Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:31:00 +0200 (CEST)
> > > Subject: Re: Fwd: N.19-20 pour chefs de centres Africains
> > >
> > >>
> > >> thank you Farhad for letting me know what is happening. Theresa never
> > >> unswers if she does not agree. This is not very fair and that is her
> > >> problem.
> > >> I wonder if she will answers to my email.
> > >> Love
> > >> Paola
> > >>
> > >>
> > >>
> > >>
> > >> > Dear Sylviane & Istvan,
> > >> > For your information, I am passing you the message of Paola.
> > >> >
> > >> > Sylviane,
> > >> > at http://www.ue-global.com/showpost.ph...95&postcount=2 you say:
> > >> > Y-a-t-il une traduction anglais/franГais/anglais que je puisse faire
> > >> en
> > >> > urgence?
> > >> > Love & Light,
> > >> > Lotus
> > >> >
> > >> > Does that mean you are willing to join Istvan & me in our volunteering
> > >> > efforts for translating seminars for Internet-auditing program?
> > >> >
> > >> > If so, whenever Paola teaches in Italian in Torino, you could listen
> > >> to
> > >> > Istvan's English & provide French translation. Anyone of us will be
> > >> ready
> > >> > to
> > >> > guide you technical matters.
> > >> >
> > >> > Istvan never did simultaneous before, but from what we hear, he's
> > >> getting
> > >> > quite good at it now, so don't you be afraid to try either ...
> > >> >
> > >> > salut,
> > >> > farhad
> > >> >
> > >> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > >> > From: paola@shyitalia.com <paola@shyitalia.com>
> > >> > Date: 16 avr. 2008 02:05
> > >> > Subject: Re: N.19-20 pour chefs de centres Africains
> > >> > To: Farhad Fatkullin <frhdkazan@gmail.com>
> > >> >
> > >> > Dear Farhad,
> > >> > you see? Also Mathieu, writes to you and not to me, even if I'm still
> > >> > responsible of Africa. I'm sure Aboo, responsible of the Ivory Coast,
> > >> does
> > >> > not know what Mathieu is doing.
> > >> > I'm going to explain to you what is happening in Africa. Only Aboo is
> > >> with
> > >> > the Master, Mathieu went with Eric of France.
> > >> > Eric is teaching as an individual, he does not continue the school of
> > >> the
> > >> > Master and Patrick made up his own school teaching all the levels
> > >> together
> > >> > at very low cost. They have taken over our school and Aboo has a lot
> > >> of
> > >> > problems caused by them.
> > >> > So, be careful with Mathieu that will tell you a lot of lies! Only two
> > >> > people, Aboo and Mathieu are level 18th. Their students are level
> > >> 13++.
> > >> > Aboo is in despair and he does not know what to do.
> > >> > At the end of August I will go to Aboo to see if we can help some
> > >> others
> > >> > countries before Mathieu goes there with Eric.
> > >> > This is the situation in northern Africa, so be very carefull with
> > >> him.
> > >> > Now you understand why he will not write to me.
> > >> > Love
> > >> > Paola

Farkhad Fatkullin 17-04-2008 11:48 pm

-----Original Message-----
From: Farhad Fatkullin <frhd@mail.ru>
To: mel-staff@mel-global.com, MEL- Australia <melozie@bigpond.net.au>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 11:43:55 -0500
Subject: Re[4]: Reply to Paola's comments
> Dear Trung & Theresa,
> Please help us, the Russian-speaking students of Master Dang, to continue having Paola bring the teaching of our beloved Master to our region of the planet.
> As somebody, whom Master Dang officially named his Representative responsible for countries of Italy, India, Eastern Europe & Africa, she doesn't want to interfere with either of you, who were close ones to our beloved Master, no matter what you do.
> Please help us to overcome this impasse.
> We openly ask both of you:
> a) to issue a written document authorizing Paola to teach L16-17-18 &
> b) to invite her to teach L16-17-18 together with other instructors you are comfortable with
> All of us, from Eastern Europe, have witnessed Paola teach with her husband Vanni, when they openly expressed the points in which they felt they disagreed with some of each other's comments.
> We, I have no concern that whoever will be teaching with Paola will find no problem teaching together with her & grow much stronger, as she always treats all sides with great respect, even when challenging their points of view.
> Stubbornness is another side of persistence & I am glad that persistence of all of Master Dang's students (including both of you, Paola & many others) brought us to this decisive point.
> I'm quite confident in what I'm doing, as I know that "Only those who do not do anything do not make mistakes" & I'm ready to take the consequeces of my action.
> Once again, we are looking forward to hear your positive decision & we are also looking forward to seing all three of you in Russia/Ukraine this summer. We have no doubt that you'll be able to find time in your schedule somewhere between June 16-July 2 to come together with us.
> with love from nashville,
> farhad
> P.S. I'll be happy if anybody from whatever countries will be willing to express their support to this request in anyway, so I intend to publish it on UE-Global forum, and forward tonight to all head-centers whose emails are known to me.
> P.P.S. Below you see all communication that lead to this request.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: paola@shyitalia.com
> To: "Farhad Fatkullin" <frhd@mail.ru>
> Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 17:29:23 +0200 (CEST)
> Subject: Re: Re[2]: Reply to Paola's comments
> >
> > Dear Farhad,
> > as I told you, nobody invited me to teach with Vu and I do not think it
> > will be possible to teach with him. His teaching is very good and I enjoy
> > listening to him, but I am teaching in a complitely different way. Anyway
> > I cannot teach level 16, 17 and 18. Nobody has given me the autorisation
> > and if I receive the autorisation from say Trung I want also the
> > autorisation from Theresa. So, you see I'm very difficult and very
> > stubborn.
> > I will come to Russia and Ucraina as a friend if you will invite me. I
> > will be very happy to see all the friends that are my family. I will do a
> > tour in all the towns that know me. We have only to decide a date. I will
> > be very happy to talk and to listen, so that we could share our point of
> > view.
> > Please, let me out on the other issues, I'm not interested on what Trung
> > or Theresa do! I have decided to stay out of their problems until they are
> > separated. If they will get together, than I will be 100% with them.
> > I'm fighting my battle with my beloved Master, and I know he agrees with
> > what I'm doing.
> > I can see that you are very busy as usual, I hope Roza will be allright
> > and your baby boy will be in a very good health.
> > Let me know when he will be born. I think that you would like to be back
> > home. Fortunately, it will be soon.
> > I love you very much, my beloved warrior!
> > Paola

Farkhad Fatkullin 18-04-2008 12:30 am

Here is something showing that I'm not talking on my own behalf only

-----Original Message-----
From: "MEL-Ukraine" <mel-ukraine@optima.com.ua>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 19:15:15 +0300
Subject: Др.Трунгу
> Dear Dr.Trung,
> We had a brief Skype-conference with Paola during one of the breaks in the
> Basic level seminar she taught in Torino this past weekend. We covered a
> number of issues.
> We'd like to offer You our humble opinion, if we may..
> We are totally in support of what Paola says, just like many other centers
> throughout Ukraine. Her presence at L16-17-18 is very important for us.
> We would be very grateful, if you personally write to her and invite her,
> in her position as a Responsible for development of UE School in our region,
> as named by Master Dang.
> Our students welcome Your steps, as, according to their opinion, You are
> following what is taught by the Master!
> We'll be sincerely happy if Vu & Paola could together conduct L16-17-18 in
> our beloved city of Dnepropetrovsk.
> Our students trust Paola. For us, she is the one who brought Masters'
> words, opened up our eyes to the true essense of UE School & earned RESPECT
> in the eyes of the students.
> We'll be happy to receive a response to our letter.
> With LOVE,
> Ol'ga & Oleg
> MEL-Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk

Myriam 18-04-2008 2:38 am

Right for answer
Dear Farhad, dear Paola,

Thank you Farhad for trying your best to help attaining Long Hoa day,
I don't like to talk on anyone, Yes Master is near of each of us, even more than near, but... Don't forget we are still students as he has been all is earthly life. No one can deny to Trung or Theresa or anyone else in OUR SCHOOL taught by Master Dang, to judge on others and their way to do.

Sometimes words and speakings are like poison, When alive, Master told us what we need to progress, may be the actual lesson is hard for many of us, as he is present, but how can we tell what he was thinking of all this.

More I saw the evolution, more I was happy with the hope of a united school, but now I am more than sad... "consterned" yes no better word... I think that some good intentions are possibly going to bring a "hell" (this is a picture) Feeling that school is more dividing than assembling... This can be just a step before OPENING, mind and heart over human reactions...

Dear Paola, I know a part of your work, and have coming to follow courses in Torino by past, and I just have to tell, no one can tell bad about reason some take a way or another. Many of us wish to stay on-line with the soul of Master, and are truly certain to be in the "right". Can't we have some patience and modesty and tolerance the ones to the others.

I have to point that I am french and some people you talk about have also choose to stay in the same way You choose, so don't discourage people on this forum... telling may be without knowing exactly what a work each one is able to make for following OUR Master teachings... In France, in fact there is a situation like in the world, some work with Trung, others with Theresa, and some choose to go on with what they learned with the Master and are applying.

So, great thanks for all the work you did and do still, and please respect the work for going on in spite of the situation, AS OUR MASTER CAN SEE HE HAS NOT TAUGHT FOR NOTHING.


{Farhad}: To save space, I deleted quotation of the previous message, which was made in full, with Paola's opinion about Eric (one of the French instructors) marked in blue - you can read that at the bottom of the message two posts before this on.

Farkhad Fatkullin 18-04-2008 9:00 am

-----Original Message-----
From: Farhad Fatkullin <frhd@mail.ru>
To: mel_group2007@yahoogroups.com
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 20:48:50 -0500
Subject: Re[2]: [mel_group2007] Teaching issues in U.E.

> Hello everybody,
> I received a phone-call from Trung today & we talked for some 10 minutes.
> He asked questions & I basically tried to explain him the cultural context.
> What he'll do, remains to be seen.
> Trung, as usual, gives out only as much as necessary to keep conversation going, be it with me, Paola and some others, like Ildus, Oleg & Ramzija.
> Theresa does not keep contact with me, but when she calls Paola, she does exactly the same.
> No wonder Paola feels these two are just trying to manipulate all of us, so she refuses to take what little they say as something sincere.
> I guess these two help us to learn that we, the UE students, shouldn't be concerned with what others do or do not say or do, but become Masters of our own, just like taught by Master Dang. So what Theresa or Trung think doesn't really matter... The teaching of Master Dang does not depend on them any more than on anyone of us.
> Higher Beings are taking good care of it, manipulating all of us in ways we can't even imagine :)
> Personally, I just enjoy Paola's seminars and the way she reacts on my emails :)
> She has quite a personality, and she's a lady...
> regards,

Myriam 18-04-2008 3:17 pm

My Public Answer To You !
{Farhad}: To save space, I deleted quotation of the previous message, which was made in full, with Paola's opinion about Eric (one of the French instructors) marked in blue - you can read that at the bottom of the message two posts before this on.


OK YOU'RE WORKING BUT PLEASE BE A LITTLE DISCRET AND DISERT WITH OTHER ! Your opinion may be is good or not, it is yours You know you' re not the only one in this UE. And there is also others school working in peace, what is your real purpose don't know nor judge don't care but don't like to read some comments on Persons that are NOT EXACT.... ON THIS I SHALL NOT KEEP SILENT !

And If you like you can published the mail you sent to me privately that you can answer here as I do : I have Nothing to prove, nor position to promote...

AND SEND THIS TO PAOLA, but be sure I shall send copy to her and to some others nextly if needed.




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Dear Myriam,

Thank you for posting your reply.

To be able to get out of our usual stereotypes, it's important that we talk and listen to others, thus challenging each other to reconsider what we hold as true. Thank you for contributing into this learning process.

If you would like Paola to see your comment, you can email it to her at paola@shyitalia.com. As you know, she's not the kind of the person who spends time on forums, so I write to her and then share my correspondence with everyone, as sometimes it brings out interesting stuff.

Of course, she's no more right and no less wrong than anyone of us, but I still like to audit her seminars and translate them for others who want to do it. Istvan goes into English, so if you ever want to hear them, it's just one Skype-connection away.

*************** UNQUOTE

Farkhad Fatkullin 18-04-2008 8:56 pm

Dear Myriam,
Thank you for sharing your emotions with us. It's always better let our emotions (joy, anger, whatever...) get out, than keep them inside. This way we allow others to know how we feel, whilst keeping all for ourselves is "bad", as first - we isolate ourselves from society & secondly - this leads to all sorts of deseases.
Only those who do nothing do not make mistakes :)

mes meilleurs souhaits a toi et tous mes amis Francais,

Myriam 18-04-2008 11:54 pm

Dear Farhad,

Sure, "errare humanum est", error is human, l'erreur est humaine.

Notice I have no anger, just feeling of some injustice...

Thank you,
Love and Light,

Merci pour nos amis français, et universels,


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