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At some point I also tried transferring energy to agriculture. I have a little garden. I remember how much effort we put in taking care of it. At some point I transferred energy to the “necessary” plants, and left to attend the next level. Coming back I was stunned. All the weeds were taller than myself – all beautiful and green…. After all, I’m 172 centimeters tall, and when you look a dock-plant from down up – that’s something!!! Neighbors were surprised as nobody around had such plants. As for myself – I only smiled to my naivety, after all, I was not the one to create any of that . Couple of days ago I’ve read here wise words that the difference between a weed and a flower is in judgement 100%!!! On the other hand more or less at the time of my experience I learned to prepare a dandelion jelly (i.e. using “conventional weeds” for something). I guess all I can say – try using all techniques in any case. The results won’t leave you indifferent, whatever they’ll be
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