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That is beautiful Darza,
thank you for posting it.
Did the Master said that on some seminar in Holland?
Hi Angel,

I found the text on the Dutch site. I remember Dick Vreeswijk telling he felt compelled to post it without knowing why. He followed his inner knowing and did it. Where it is from i have no idea.

I used it several times on a non-UE forum which right now has 800 users online. The first time was when i saw some disinfo on the master being spread. I felt compelled to translate it to counter that with very positive replies. Another text i use is the explanation of the basic meditation, also with positive results. Also i was asked to send UE to a few and they post there is an effect! However as far i know NONE of them went to get the chakra's opened.! Denial is still a tough subject for me. Chances are i still have it also, just do not know about what. lol

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