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Dear Darza,

Denial is the first step towards acceptance. We should be glad when we are in denial as we just made the first step.
The 5 steps towards acceptance are:
1: denial,
2: anger,
3: bargaining,
4: depression,
5: acceptence.

We all go through these steps. So does our students who come to learn. We need to be very patient with them and help them through these steps.
I was an eager instructor myself, now i've come to easyly accept everybody's decision regarding to coming to classes, practicing UE transfers. I like to see myself as "support personel" - intructor/councelor - whatever students need.

I relaized patience is mostly important when dealing with students. When they come to learn it's impossible to offer them the big picture in one weekend long basic level. They need to understand they have to learn step by step and as much as they want.

"Opposite of life is not death, but indifference" Ellie Wiessel
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