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In commemoration of "Black" August
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Default In commemoration of "Black" August
To all UE friends,

I recalled the first time ( in December 2001, attending a worldwide gathering of UE students in Melbourne, Australia) when I came to Master Đáng’s office of Latent Abilities Development Center, I noticed the impressive picture of Mt Ayers Rock, on which Master Đáng explained later there was an imprint of the Brain of the Prehistoric Mankind and another picture of the anatomy of a human brain, perhaps an excerpt from some scientific magazine , which outlined the three brain components of a reptile, a mammal ,and a human.

An idea silently came to my mind that there could be a possibility that the human brain would be the main topic of future teaching subjects when Master organized Latent Abilities Development seminars.

Later on, when Master affirmed that the natural imprint picture on Mt Ayers Rock was the symbol of the prehistoric brain, I got a thundering thought to question myself …whether we can use state-of-the-art cameras( available in 2001) to take a photo of the brain of Shyakamuni the Buddha of 2543 years ago!
What was said ( and meant) by the term “the outstanding super intellect brain of the Buddha" ( the Buddha nature, that is).
In an implicit connection, Master Đáng used to repeatedly mention his famous statement ….“ Only “It” can understand “it”, besides it, nobody can understand it, He who can understand it will be his master”.
Was that “IT” the Buddha nature, the Christ spirit, the Holy Basic Element of all living creatures? Was that IT another term for the Soul? Myriad of questions would arise from the answers to this question!

If ONLY Master were still with us, we would be in a position to raise this point for an open panel discussion, for the sake of spirituality, or a wisdom vision, so to speak, regardless of our religious backgrounds!

The above is just some remembrance from my souvenir stockpile which I have been trying to ... "delete it all" aiming at getting a totally free ... prehistoric brain, but this memory always recurs with full emotion in THIS month of "Black August" when Master DECIDED to leave us in 2007.

Love and Light to everybody,

Thiên thu

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