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The above is just some remembrance ...which I have been trying to ... "delete"...
Dear Thien thu,

I would like to thank you for the post. Some of its parts helped me to understand the nature of my "mourning"...

I remember my feelings on that day - they were certainly very different
I'd say Master showed his mastery even in the way he left the worldly scene... My deep respect to his soul and all those contributing into the magnificent seemless operation of this Universe

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"If I could become enlightened instantly, without having to practice wisdom and compassion in every day life, I would refuse. Because without the discipline of practice, I will not know what to do with enlightenment and it will not help me or anyone else."
In the course of his on-going research, Master "designed" a bag of tools, containing a few different "specialized" sets, that can be continually used in daily life. He also "explained" their nature and purpose as best he could/wanted/found appropriate/allowed to (material words are limited and every culture interprets them differently).

He kept on telegraphing that he wanted to be just friends with "his students", and I am happy that you had/have a chance to enjoy the jokes, Master used to crack in Vietnamese (the language and cultural context he was best familiar with).

The wonderful post of
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...capacity for the perception of the Truth must be developed; there is no short cut."
reminds me words of Master Dang that the Truth is eternally changing, thus everyone (including myself) is likely to continue learning well past any particular physical incarnation... and thus no particular information, phenomenon or reality is good, right, true, correct, worthy or otherwise...

Thus my thanks go to Master Dang and many others who helped, help and will help me to get familiar with this and a few other lessons on this eternal journey of learning ... U included
Как бы вы не представляли себе Истину и Бога, помните - они другие
Anything you can imagine about the Truth and God is not right - they are different

Делая что-либо, поступай как если будешь жить вечно... Передавая энергию - как в последний раз...
Doing something, act as if you'll live eternally... Transferring energy - as if it's your last time...
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