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Dear Lightofjoy and Kassie,

1. I wish to thank Lightofjoy for your lovely words reflecting
what I had put down in my post to commemorate the passing
away of our beloved master 3 years back.
I want to delete all my memory stockpile to try to attain the
complete "nothingness" in my brain, in the hope of creating a
bare and fertile land to grow the pure Love seed in the Path of
"Mankind, Enlightenemnt and Love" as suggested by Master Đáng.

2. Along this line, as quoted by Lightofjoy, Kassie had written :

"If I could become enlightened instantly, without having to practice wisdom and compassion in every day life, I would refuse. Because without the discipline of practice, I will not know what to do with enlightenment and it will not help me or anyone else."

How can you, Kassie, come to the state of enlightenment without practicing wisdom?

Practicing wisdom, to my understanding, is a must to "sublimate" our "Buddha" nature, our "Christ" spirit or our Holy Basic Element , the inborn Living Essence given to all living creatures.

Practicing wisdom is to change your brain back to THAT state, washing away all we have accumulated into our memory stockpile which hinders, affects adversely, the so-called enlightenment.

Our unfortunate situation WAS that Master Đáng pointed out THAT very crucial key, but DID not TEACH us the technique(s) to .... input the brain of the prehistoric man, the way it should be.

.... And, of course, there is no short cut to get ...instantaneous capacity for the perception of the Truth, unless we have a technique for training adequately our heavily "addicted" brain to get rid of all worldly pollution!

Thiên thu
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