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Our unfortunate situation WAS that Master Đáng pointed out THAT very crucial key, but DID not TEACH us the technique(s) to .... input the brain of the prehistoric man, the way it should be.
I don't limit the teaching of any Master (including Master Dang) to the meanings and cultural context, present in words, sentences or paragraphs of the particular language used (Vietnamese in case of LMD).

If we only interpret the teaching through the lens of Vietnamese, or English, French, or Russian or Spanish etc. we get just one fraction, and loose all the rest... which hints us understand why each and everyone has different interpretations of everything
Как бы вы не представляли себе Истину и Бога, помните - они другие
Anything you can imagine about the Truth and God is not right - they are different

Делая что-либо, поступай как если будешь жить вечно... Передавая энергию - как в последний раз...
Doing something, act as if you'll live eternally... Transferring energy - as if it's your last time...
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