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A possible Path to become the Unlocked

Humans are born with a naturally pure perceptiveness, usually called the Buddha nature in Buddhism, the Christ spirit in Christanity, or the Holy Basic Element in other religions; that inborn function is later affected by experiences accumulated during the course of life and consequently humans are rarely happy due to all kinds of attachments that drown them in the .....river of no return!

Generally speaking, human’s life can be decomposed into three main periods: (1) development phase but still in mind obscurity, (2) training phase to manage adequately the brain/mind complex and(3) live the life of wisdom.

a) Period of development in obscurity :

The Creator has given to mankind an inborn nature ( available in the prehistoric man’s brain as mentioned by Master Đáng) which has a tendency to seek for basic desires for Fame, Interest, Love urging humans to strive hard for progress. During this process of evolution, the human brain will collect more and more experiences, knowledge, skills, ideologies, myriad of notions including religious concepts…. and from there an individual ego is characterized: the Self!
This self is so stubborn that it will not accept others’ view or vision and the individual usually views things in duality: good / bad, right / wrong , win / lose thus inducing envy, evaluation, judgment, conclusion, condemnation etc..: all that is just to satisfy the Self!
The obvious consequence of this behavior is that we are never at rest, peaceful in mind, or happy even though we live in wealth! Therefore Obscurity remains obscurity!

b) Period of unveiling obscurity: Sooner or later we reveal this handicap and start trying to find a solution! Life is so simple :

Big fish eat smaller fish, wolves have to eat meat, and deer have to eat grass: it is the eternal law of the universe. Each living being has to develop its brain to become more and more intelligent to survive! Wolves have to stay in group to shoo away bigger animals, deer have to practice running faster to escape from wild animals etc…

Humans whose brains can think much better, can devise traps to catch animals weighing hundreds of tons! The brain, when properly trained, can also activate the perceptiveness to sublimate it to attain a miraculous wisdom state, a state of super-perceptiveness that does not require to sweat blood in thinking!

This is the period of training the brain to adopt a path to escape from the ...non-stop thinking mind, without orientation, which we mistakenly view it as our own Self!

c) When we begin to experience stillness, we will understand vaguely the cause and effect principle that opens a broader life vision in a more or less free brain/mind complex and we become more “liberal”, with better compassion towards others and consequently we can encounter a true happiness in the current life!
This period can be termed as a period of true living in faith, NOT the kind of faith suggested by theocratic ideology.

Living in this TRUE faith is MERGING into the miracle experienced by a truly pure mind, the original perceptiveness that is given by All Mighty Creator to all living creatures!

Is it not, shall I repeat again, what Master used to call “ the brain of the prehistoric man”?

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