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Mr.Gleb Chepkasov, 10 year old. malignant tumor. Mother of the boy, Ms.Julia Zhenina is a MEL student of 2nd Advanced. About a year ago she went to HUESA, I currently don't know what level she's there. Gleb's Chakras were activated 100% in November 2007 by L20 student Mr.Nikolay Smirnov (currently HUESA head-center in our city). I've no clue whether the boy did all of the Basic level. Currently they are in Moscow, going through post-surgical rehabilitation. Financial help's needed. You can find the phone number and the bank information for donation following the link below. Thanks to everybody.


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Tatyana, talking about sick children before 12 years of age, Master recommended simply to activate their Chakras, without teaching them theory, especially in cases of complex disease.

Chaikovsky, Permsky krai, Russian Federation
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At the moment of Chakra activation the child was healthy and didn't express any health complains.
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