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Exchange of UE-related experiences online
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Default Exchange of UE-related experiences online
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Dear colleagues,

Our Canadian friends conduct similar events rather regularly, usually about once a month.
Main participating "centers" are those of Vancouver, Calgari, Toronto, etc.

In April we've together took part in one of the seminars, conducted by our French colleagues (next event in France during which I intend to interpret is L16-18 Oriental Philosophy on May 21-22), and agreed to start organizing such meetings jointly. This should be both beneficial and fun.

Thus, on Saturday, 14 May 2011, before we begin the event at 8pm Moscow time zone, I'll gather all of you (who expressed own desire to take part in the joint Canadian-to-Russian-speaking meeting dedicated to exchange of UE experiences via our Skype-chat ((skype) sign) in a separate chat window.
To my best knowledge, there are currently about 20 connections for the English-speaking conference, whilst we have more spaces in the Russian one - under 10 connections (whilst a single standard Skype-audio call can accomodate up to 25).

I'll use Skype:ue_rus for the Russian-speaking conference, and Skype:frhdkazan for the English-speaking one.

Lioudmila Grabko, our Bielorussian colleague that lives in Vancouver (Canada) for over 7 years now, today has expressed her desire to use Russian when sharing her experiences and perceptions.Thus I would be inclined to use Skype also for the Russian-speaking conference (instread of the previously announced automatic by one-way service. You'll get the advantage to hear each other. Please remember that as an interpreter, I'm lending my voice to those speaking in the other language conference.

Based on Lioudmila's communications, I assume that Canadian meetings are something similar to our meetings in our local centers. The main difference is that they manage to use Internet to bring together people from different, often distant locations and thus different cultural background.

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