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Dear friends,
My uncle Hasan, who has L18 in HUE, is very much interested in the kinds of influence that different practices have on energy and physical condition of a human. Recently he found a place in Kazan where one can film the state of his/her energy fields and energy centers (Chakras) and conducted a series of experiments inviting me to take part in them as well.
I was filmed when reciting Souras from Koran as well as CAO NGUYEN prayer of Master Dang. In my case the highest level of activity in energy fields and balance of Chakras’ activities was reached when I was reciting souras Al-Fatikha (1, the opening chapter) and Al-Ihlas (112, Purity/Pure Faith) – both in Arabic, and CAO NGUYEN – in Vietnamese. These 3 prayers were especially vivid , when I (quote the equipment operator) «was getting out of your mental shell».
Overall, the operator noted that reciting the same prayer affects different people differently – it seems this is somehow linked to our emotional and other particularities. My uncle told me that the film he obtained when transferring HUE also had interesting phenomena.

With kind regards,
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