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29.10.08, 18:25, paola@shyitalia.com:

Dear Farhad,
I try to answer to the St. Petersburg girl.

We cannot do anything for our loneliness. We must try to understand the
others and not the others to understand us.
Our beloved Master was very lonely even if he had lots of people around him!
Ask yourself why you came down on earth and you will find the answer.
Love from Paola

> Dear Paola,
> Below is just one of questions being asked on Worldwide UE students forum.
> This one is a new discussion thread started today by a girl from
> St.Petersburg that attended your L13+/++ seminar in September:
> "UE and loneliness
> St.Petersburg, Russian Federation, 29 October 2008
> Quote:

> There are also many other issues where your experienced comments would be
> of
> great value.
> regards,
> farhad
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