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Dear Anechka,

As start walking on the path of spirituality and we work more with UE our frequency will change. So will the society around us. If people do not want or cannot adapt to our frequency they will go on their own way and others will come around us.
In my case in the last 10 years the circle of friends changed completely several times. Now i meet people who can function at this frequencies or are interested in spirituality. Some only stick for a short period of time to teach us something or they need to learn something from us.
At seminars we were told several times that we are like "lighthouses" and souls see this light. This is true for wondering souls and for social relationships also.
I would say accept yourself as you are and it is enough to want to meet the right people and they will come. Loneliness is not so bad use this time to evolve.

"Opposite of life is not death, but indifference" Ellie Wiessel
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