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Guys, don’t you think I’m pitying myself here --- even if I am alone, I am quite happy.
I feel pity for people around – I want to help them, change this world, make it happy --- all these traditions, obligations, misconceptions, relationships…. My gosh… all of it doesn’t seem right somehow. I go against that, but they call me stupid... How we, humans, are to keep on living in this confusing world?
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Anechka, there is no point in changing others. Those whom we need, will stay in our life, those who are unneeded – will go away by themselves. I can’t tell you anything regarding loneliness, as I actually love it and get tired of being surrounded by people for long. As for the marriage, I found good ideas in O.M.Aivankhov’s book "Spiritual galvanoplasty." I meditated on them with the book for about a year - I got married later, and I’m quite happy.
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