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Анечка, try to find Master Dang’s book “The UE and Love”. If you can’t, we’ll try to post it to you. In there Master writes: “...Vietnamese say: "Happiness is following spiritual path, love brings trouble only ". I don’t teach you to follow such a path. I’m showing you how to follow the spiritual path to reach happiness, and what kind of love leads to suffering. Following the spiritual path is happiness. Enlightened love will not lead to suffering, on the reverse, the enlightened love will make you happy. ....True love is not enough, other good qualities of love are also important: knowledge, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, care, sacrifice, respect, affection etc. – the more are the qualities of love, the happier you are......Humans need exchanging, cooperation – we avoid loneliness. People suffer if lonely. A lonely person cannot develop any abilities, but s/he can be thankful to society. The greater is the number of people we are in contact with, the better we become, otherwise our capacities will be decreasing.

Personally I’d like to add that loneliness is good when you need it to enter a new cycle of your development. Higher Beings give us these moments to become aware of our essence. But it will pass as soon as you change your attitude towards yourself. The desire to change others has an air of "feeling important". I hope you’ll understand me correctly, I’m in no way trying to offend you. But "feeling important" is one of the traps of our EGO, when we want to change all and everything, as if we think we already reached the truth and have the right to change somebody at will. Maybe you should instead try to understand that we are all different, and all we need to reach this time around is to learn accepting others the way they are, respecting their opinion. And maybe they are indeed the ones changing us, and we shouldn’t try to change them. In his last interview "New Spirituality” Master said: “I recommend you to love low and evil people and always try to help them. Because they sacrifice the possibility of being better people to play the role of a low and evil to give the lesson to humanity, so ones for others to be able to learn and develop. They might be unaware themselves that they are working for God. Learning on a bad example – is a valuable lesson for us to be able to avoid repeating these mistakes. This is the only way we can develop naturally. As for happiness in marriage – well, meditate on the issue of spiritual partnership for joint spiritual development, reaching the wisdom of the body and enlightenment of the spirit. And you’ll be given your spiritual partner. And I think you won’t have to wait for long… But everything is in the hands of the Almighty. Only faith can beautify your love towards all those around. Wishing you Love and faith, my dear
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