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The Middle Way - The Fine Line
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Default The Middle Way - The Fine Line
There is a very fine line between any two opposites.
Doing energy transfer is what our beloved Master taught to keep us balanced on that very fine line and lead us to enlightenment. That’s all UE techniques are about.

Brothers and Sisters,
Just do it. Miracles will happen, very soon.

Contemplate on Master’s teachings.
Decode the messages in the UE techniques.
Execute the energy transfer.
Enlightenment comes in the very moment that you are practising these things – partially or completely, it depends on practitioners’ level of consciousness.

So, get yourself ready - fully prepared - to welcome the precious moment of enlightenment, which may come at anytime you can never know, by doing energy transfer everywhere and anytime.

Be connected with Master’s Soul, and your soul will be guided to Light, Love, Transcendental Wisdom and Enlightenment.


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