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The way I came to SHY
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Default The way I came to SHY
Dear friends,

I came to SHY by my friend's introduction. He is my classmate and my old roommate. He called me and told me that there was an UE class, if I took this class for only 2-3 days I could heal myself and heal other people through telephone. I felt very strange and at first I did not believe him. Before he studied SHY, he told lie to me several times in the way that I could not realize easily. I thought that if he told lie to me, he could do better . Thus I accepted his invitation and came to a SHY class. Since I had heard some spiritual stories told by my parents and in fact I had used amulets to heal myself when I studied far from my home, it seemed to me that I could feel the UE in advance during my first levels. After taking the basic levels, I practiced very hard, I healed for myself every day and I did not get illness as I used to be. I had to wait about three or four months to study levels 5.1&5.2 and I had to go to the class far from my home about 200 miles. But I was very happy to take the class because at that time, the UE class was prohibited in my country. After the class, I felt I was a different people, I couldn't believe what I could do.
Then, I took the UE classes for the next levels whenever they were organized (and I could afford it).
The UE is not only help me to prevent me from the illness but also help me to study and work better.
I love UE and I love our Master.
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