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Some signs of the times i am observing:

- 10 sept Cern went life.

- economic collapse since September.

- BDI-index collapsed pointing to seas empty from trade-vessels.

**DEC. Alert** US to be CUT OFF from World - Baltic Dry Index Falls 93%


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- navies from 20 countries gather in the golf of Aden. Officially to combat 200 pirates in dingies.

- War in Gaza.

- Turkey and Iran shelling Kurds

- New president in the USA surrounded by lots of questions.

- Increase in earthquakes and volcano activity since last December.

- Sun setting and rising out of place. A wobbling earth?

- Sun extremely white.

- Internet cables cut...again.

- Increased Ufo sightings.

- People spontaneously get abilities like doing obe and contact higher beings.

- Found this forum. lol

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