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Regarding UFO sightings: I don't know about this. However, the Master categorically stated that there was NO such thing as UFO's. it doesn't matter how much people try to interpret. The Master said the same thing time and time again.

For a different view on the popular belief in UFO's see:
Hi Kassie,

On the ufo's. When the Master was asked on et's i noticed he always gave evasive answers. Like "humans only live on earth". He did not actually tell me there are no et's, just that is not important. That it is a distraction from the spiritual path.

What he said exactly on this is not that important to me. He told me to do my own research. That is my basis.

Myself i never seen a ufo. Also i never met a live et, not even in my dreams. However from my inner-knowing i am doubless that the universe is teeming with life. I am doubtless countless of extra-terrestials play an important part in earths history and future.

Michael Tsarion has some vids on the net explaining the et presence from a historical perpsective.
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