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Upon having done Level 6 in June of 2000 in Holland, we conducted experiments with water. Medical scientists in Dnepropetrovsk studied water properties from different sources using Kirlian photography method. We proposed them to include water treated with Universal Energy in their research as well. We arrived to their research facility, where they poured 2 test-tubes of water from the tap and suggested we transfer Energy to one of them. In 2-3 minutes they put both test-tubes into a holder one near the other and made 3 photographs with 15-20 seconds intervals. (I attach the scanned copy of the photograph to this email, the original is accessible if needed).

When the film was developed and they made the following comments:
1) Water treated with Universal Energy has unique properties:
- It has unique properties of its glow compared to other samples of water, even ones gathered from saint sources, in days and times of great saint (spiritual) significance, in days/nights of full moon etc., i.e., researchers did not encounter such water before; it is capable to influence “energetic informational” properties of other samples of water that are located in proximity thereof;
- Over time, CO2 contained therein decomposes liberating carbon, water becoming saturated with oxygen – “water ozonation” – how and why this happens is very interesting, though cannot be explained at this level of testing.

These were main points to which they drew attention. Now comments to the photo attached:
Test-tubes where placed at 6 cm from one another, being photographed together.
Test-tube at Pict.1a contains water that received Energy for 30 seconds.
Test-tube at Pict.1б (Cyrillic for B) – water that did not receive Energy.

Pictures 2a and 2б shows the situation 15-20 seconds later; Pictures 3a and 3б – another 15-20 seconds later.

Conclusion of the researchers:
Test-tube 1a initially had a dense energetic charge, the density of which was increasing during later observations (photographing).
In the beginning of the study, test-tube in 1б had a fracture in its glow in the direction of test-tube 1а. By the end of the study energetic charge of water in test-tube 1б practically reached the level of water, which received transfer of Energy.

We’ve conducted another study in the field of agriculture – transferring Energy on the fields for 3 years, from 2000 to 2003. We want to underline that Ukrainian fields are in the zone of risky crop farming.
Energy was transferred on winter and spring wheat, sunflower.
Conclusion – the yield almost doubled. For example – dry summer of 2002. Average yield of sunflower was 6-7 quintals (Russian quintal=50 kilos) from a hectare. The field to which we transferred Energy yielded 11-12 quintals from hectare. Seeds where planted at the same time, which excludes different influence of weather conditions. The fields are nearby.
We didn’t have a chance to study difference in levels of lubricity for sunflower or amounts of gluten for cereals, as such studies are very expensive, and the farmer on whose fields this was conducted couldn’t afford it. There were observations which we believe require more detailed research.

First, keeping in mind that water is a wonderful medium for storing information, as well as for development of microorganisms which are necessary for soil, transferring Energy to fields that are not occupied by the crops allows for faster preparation of soils for implantation in the following year.

Second, derivative from the first – transferring energy can be used for regeneration of soils after it was influenced by chemical fertilizers. This is very important all throughout post-Soviet countries, where chemical and mineral fertilizers were widely used in large and even uncontrolled quantities, leading to significant changes in composition of soils.

We can also describe the results crop-by-crop, as well as all observations related to soils, if such information would be of help to other students in their research.
Best regards and Love from Dnepropetrovsk,
Olya and Oleg
Hình Ðính Kèm
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