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Dear friends,

I am sending you a link to a wonderful movie about water: its structure, its power, its memory, its direct influence on all life forms and also its ability to be influenced by us, humans.
Around min 40 there are many subjects about the human body.

Many of the scientists interviewee in this movie are from Russia , including Prof. Korotkov, but also we can see Masaro Emoto and others.

My daughter (11 years old) was fascinated watching this movie and she said she will send the link to her school mates, even if, at this length, 1:20 min, many of them, children, or even adults, would consider they may have better things to do. I've told her not to wait for results. The simple spread of this important information is what is needed.

To the ones that already saw this movie, I do apologize for sending them the link, and I thank prof. Florin Munteanu very much for sharing this link with all of us:


Love, Joy and Harmony!

Be Love! Everything else is love!
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