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Dear Vladimir, It would help if you write this quote properly...lol

For those who are ready,
the door to the deathless state is open.
You that have ears,
give up the conditions that bind you, and enter in.

It is interesting...just the other day i was sharing with a friend; of my exspereance of standing while i saw this deathless state.

I will share it with you.

I had called Master on the phone and Lady Theresa answered. She reconized that it was me. She asked me "what is it that you want Anthony?" I asked if my tuition could be waved ...i was able to get airfair and room taken care of but did'nt have funds for the class this time around...it was the first Level 16. She asked Master and her responce was "Master said not in this life time we will see you next life time". I was sadden by that responce from Master but excepted it.

Well sence i knew what time the class was starting in Australia. I sat myself down and medatated. I gave my Spirit the approvale to go and attend that class while i stayed here in New Mexico. As i focussed on Masters C6 on a photo i have of Him. I could sence something that i had not felt before. As the day went on I had to take a break. As i stood in my kitchen for a few minutes. I felt something happening to me. I was awake and alert.

All i saw was a dark room or space, grayish and black with a bright white light glowing in the background. I was able to notice an outline of a body with a good size belly. As i was able to think in my NOW i thaught to myself, "OK I'm ready..i"ll step onto the other side" and i also said to that outline of what i thaught to be a person welcoming me in that other side..."geeeese your fat"...to this day i dont know why i said such a thing...lol... when i steped foward i bumped into my kitchen sink...and at that moment i came out of whatever i was in...

Anyone know what i was in?

Feel free to share with us what your thaughts are on this subject or anyone that might have a wonderful story to share about knowing Master...

Sincerely Yours In Love, Light and Happiness
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