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J'aime bien ecrire ...bilangually , comme toi! Cela peut faire eclater ...a loud laugh, un moment opportun (pardon, pour moi seulement ) pour pouvoir oublier une situation...turbulente dans ce forum en langue Vietnamienne!! Tu as pu le savoir deja..

A coeur ouvert, oui , mais...comment faire pour que notre sang s'ecoule comme-il-faut?

Thien thu
My dear friends,
I wish Russian forum was as vibrant as the Vietnamese one
Only by talking, by expressing what we all mistakenly convinced in, can we liberate ourselves from wrong stereotypes...
It can seem turbulent on the outside, but we all can only win by having turbulence on the outside with peace in our hearts, minds and souls.
Knowing that there is no point in fighting for whatever, as it doesn't really matter (Master Dang, L17, april 2006) helps in cooling our blood
As for other language forums, it's ok if we don't understand everything from what's being discussed. As long as we can share something from time to time, it's good enough.
My spirituality: I'm a son and a father, great-...-son and great-...-father; made of body and soul, atoms and God?... Are you destined to life-long UE learning?

Моя духовность: Я есть сын и отец, пра-....-внук и пра-...-дед; состоящий из тела и души, атомов и Бога? Век живи, век учись... понимание УЭ безгранично

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