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February 12, 2009

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Tripling of the rent for the place, where SHY-ITALIA of Torino used to conduct its seminars, helped Paola to move seminars to her own home in the town of Moncalieri - some 650 meters above Torino (6 km ride up the hills).

Now during the seminar breaks all attending students and auditors finally have a chance to meditate in front of the pyramidal Mankind Ancestors monument, which was built by Vanni and other volunteers of SHY-ITALIA in July 2006, when Paola was teaching alone L11-12-13 seminar in my city of Kazan.

As soon as Paola will get necessary help to get reliable fast internet connection and computers set up, all Online auditors will be able to hear (and hopefully one day) witness events in her center during all of their seminars. We hope to have first large broadcast from the new center during her L16-17-18 seminar in Torino, which is scheduled for March 26-29 (upon her return from the seminar in Ivory Coast, Africa).

As for the coming weekend of Feb.14-15, Basic level is to be taught by Titta, whilst Paola is to cook and set up the lunch for students (as cafes in their town are not very convenient).
UE practitioners are studying effects of meditation and energy transfers in daily life.
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Master Dang, founder of UE school: "I meditate 24 hours a day - wherever I am, whatever I do".

Практикующие метод УЭ изучают влияние медитации и передачи энергии в повседневной жизни.
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Мастер Данг, основатель школы УЭ: "Я медитирую 24 часа в сутки - где бы я не был, что бы я не делал".
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