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Darza - thank you for the information about the internet cables being cut. I was not aware of this.

Reading the article and related links carefully makes clear that there is nothing particularly mysterious about these cables going down whatsoever.

"Only the first two cuts had any serious impact on the internet, says Beckert ...

Once those failures sensitized a conspiracy-happy net, it was natural that other cable failures would be found to feed the frenzy, because they occur all the time.

"Cable cuts happen on average once every three days," Beckert said. There are 25 large ships that do nothing but fix cable cuts and bends, Beckert adds.

While any severed cable is a "cut" in the parlance of telecom, most often they're the result of cables rubbing against sea floor rocks, eventually cutting through the copper shielding and exposing the thin fiber optics inside.

Normally, netizens have no idea when there are cable cuts since large providers instantly re-route communications through other cables.

"These outages don't usually affect end users," Beckert said. "For example, Verizon doesn't just have one link across the Atlantic, they have seven, eight or nine they can route capacity on."

I understand that for some who are involved in the New Age and other spiritual practices, the term 'critical thinking' sounds like a 'dirty' phrase.

Some seem to associate the clear use of the mind with the closing down of the heart. But this is not necessarily the case. When the mind is used properly in service to the heart it is a very useful and important tool given to us by God to assist us in negotiating the perils of the physical world.

If we don't use our beautiful, God-given minds properly we can risk being lured into all kinds of distractions, conspiracy theories and weird directions.

I'm sure that the Master did not intend that to happen, which I believe is why he insisted very clearly that there are no aliens.

When the Master told us to research, he meant into practical subject areas that would eventually bear fruit for the benefit of humanity. If researching aliens was of any productive service at all, I'm sure he would have let us know.

Thanks for all the information.
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