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Dear Lotus,

thank you but : I don't disagree the work that Farhad or another does. I just want to point some informations can be unadequate to report, specially those mentionning persons that are not present for answering themselves, that is the case of some friend pointed by Paola.

Anyone can tell anything on a subject for making things going good. I am usually silent not because I don't want to share points of view, but don't need to speak in vain.

What is going good, I can put a "thank" on posts.

For the part I can do for helping, I have not to justify, but for your edification, I do my best for appliying what I have learnt and don't need to expose. As working in calm and silence is the way I feel...

There is time to be silent, and time to tell.

(May be with some more strength than I would like, that's the way I am...)
(Remember... not so different from you...)

ps if you read something about a person you know that is a misunderstanding do you stay silent or tell...

Truly, Mir'I'am
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