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Dear Farkhad,

I would gently like to point out that while your correspondence may be 'meaningless' to you, it may be quite meaningful to those whose words you have published in open forums without their knowing or consent.

The Master always advised us to use our wisdom and discrimination in any of the actions that we undertake in our lives.

Sometimes we as humans rush into action without truly considering the consequences. Sometimes we think we know all the answers, though all the while we are like those people in a dark room trying to describe the elephant but in reality we can only feel the trunk or the tail.

The difference between the Master and ourselves is that Master always saw the full picture - the whole elephant if you will. None of us can say the same about ourselves yet, can we?

For example, in the business world, employees would not normally post confidential company correspondence. Obviously we are a spiritual organization, but we should still use our wisdom and discrimination, especially in matters that pertain only to whom correspondence is intended.

It is just my opinion. As you said if we remain silent how can others see a different perspective?

Love & Light,
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