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Dear Istvan,
only you can know the answer but I can tell you what caught my eye:

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I wasn't in the mood to practice traveling to space
travelling is the deep(est) meditation

I just wanted to relax and clear my mind
you can enter meditation ONLY when you mind is clear and calm
clearing and relaxing is a preparation before you may enter the meditation state

As soon as I started meditating I started feeling uncomfortable and had to stop meditating.
If you had entered meditation state, you would have felt great calm and happiness. It looks more as you were preparing to enter mediation state, that is you were trying to clear your mind from thoughts and emotions.

In 14 years of UE practice and meditation this happened to me for the first time. If this ever happened to you, or have any insight on this issue please share it. Hopefully you can help me understand what really happened.
Each time I want to meditate I have to go through the process of calming, clearing and relaxing. Sometimes it's quick and easy, sometimes it takes longer -- it depends on my state of mind.
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