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thien thu 2
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Dear UE friends,

How to evaluate our level of spirituality ?

The question sounds very interesting ! You may be able to do it yourself but when you evaluate others’ spirituality, the problem may be more complicated -in language communication ( to express the assessment technique.) Those who can make self evaluation by using the norms in another dimension cannot prove it to those who don’t have yet the ability to understand/see the norms ! Much less we convince them! We don’t speak the same language, that is ! How can we explain the evaluation techniques in cosmic dimension , using language in physical realm ? The more you are try to put it clear to others the more “they” may think you are trying to play…an unfair game !
To my viewpoint, this matter will remain unsolved , don’t you think so, Lotus and N.A.T.O?

Of course , a more convincing explanation of the assessment would be lovely appreciated.

Thien thu
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