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in Thailand is Children's day

Saints of the day: Alexander, Arkadi, Efim, Ignati, Nikanor, Peter, Dominika

in Orthodox Christianity - Day of 20000 saint martyrs

Day of Voodoo. In 1997 Benin made Jan.10 into public holiday - day of Voodoo witchcraft.

On Faulkland islands - Day of Margaret Thatcher.

Days in history:
49 BC.
Despite the law, pro-consul Gaius Julius CESAR took 1 legion and 300 horsemen & crossed the river Rubicon — marking border-line between Italy and Roman Province of Cisalpian Gallia. Civil war begins, whilst "crossing the Rubicon" becomes a saying.

Hendricks NIKOLAES, Dutch merchant, cult leader, founder of the sect "Family of Love".

et c.
UE practitioners are studying effects of meditation and energy transfers in daily life.
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Master Dang, founder of UE school: "I meditate 24 hours a day - wherever I am, whatever I do".

Практикующие метод УЭ изучают влияние медитации и передачи энергии в повседневной жизни.
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Мастер Данг, основатель школы УЭ: "Я медитирую 24 часа в сутки - где бы я не был, что бы я не делал".
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