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Dear friends,

This is a very "hot" subject at the moment.
Our school, it seems, is divided into more than 2 parts. We only see 2 parts, because there are 2 leaders. I don't want to choose any side, I prefer to follow the teaching of Master. Also, I do not want to judge any side because everybody is doing a great job. We all evolve, so are our opinions.
Another idea: Chaos is ordered in its own way. We have an appearant chaos, but everybody is following the teaching of Master. This way we learn to discern everything and evolve ourselves, maybe faster than before. Now we are forced to meditate more to understand what is the reason and where all this will lead us. Meditation is good. Keep practicing!
What is important: unity in ideology? or name? or leader? or that we can practice, help people around us and mankind and evolve ourselves??
If somebody wishes to fight for some kind of power, let's let them obtain it. The sooner they will be there, the sooner they will realize how useless that is.

Keep on loving!
"Opposite of life is not death, but indifference" Ellie Wiessel
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