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I thank you all for your generous input in response to my post.

Well, I obviously don't think the Master's soul is 'stupid'. In fact, I think it is us as students who are usually not so smart.

Please understand that I am not 'worried' about this. I do understand that the Master told us to have a 'happy mind and a brain without worry'.

The Master also told us that we need to develop our Wisdom, and that is an ongoing process which involves many aspects. We gain wisdom through meditation but it is not the only method. We can also learn from the experiences of ourselves and others. "LIFE teaches us the Godlike path so we can be assistance to others".

So therefore I can think freely for myself and discuss these issues with other people in order to learn more from their experiences.

Yes, I know about the technique of meditation. I am only a Level 13+ student but I also learned about that in Level 5. It was a slightly condescending suggestion implying that I haven't meditated about this issue but thank you anyway.

However, the reason I posted was not to receive answers from the Higher Beings but to receive answers from other students in SHY/MEL.

I thought that perhaps by communicating with others in the School it would help me to understand their point of view better, and help me understand why people are accepting the things Theresa is doing. I wanted people's personal feedback.

Isn't that the point of having a forum? Otherwise we don't need to speak to each other at all, we can just close the forum and sit home quietly and meditate.

Anyway, I thank all of you answering and at least it opens up a discussion. I hope others will continue to tell us their opinions.
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