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Dear my friend Kassie,

I am very happy when I know you don't worry about this. I can feel your deep breath when you post answer all.

In fact, something never wrong or right, If they still exist, they must have a mission. They will help poeple learn from the others and help the others learn from them.

Master told us "Don't judge, pl". And we know that, something with me is wrong but with other is right. All depend on our poin of views, our knowledge, our ego, our wisdom and enlightenment.

The Master is still teaching us that "even the statue of Budda seem diffirent in each country, In India is black, in Japan is so short, in VN is so fat and yeallow skin". It all depends our mind not depend the body of The Budda.

so now, if the way of Dr Trung, the way of Lady Theresa, the way of any students are still existed, they still have a mission, a bandwith for people to learn. And now both Lady Theresa, Dr Trung and other people are helping many students in their way.

And if I feel I am suitable with what way i will follow.

But my friend, when we open Chakra 100%, our mind is very strong. Our thinking will penetrate all spiritual space. So i always be careful when make a thinking for another people.

I will ask Zezokun translate his post in Vietnam forum " Thinking, don't forget in the way come back" (
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