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dear Kassie,

I have not posted any replies in a long time, but your request for personal feedback of personel opinions invites me to do so.
I have had many similar questions as you have about the way Theresa is acting. I think, as she is also a level 20 student, and as she has been sitting next to Master for many many times during his teachings, she will very well know his teachings and she is able to teach as well.
But I must say, after auditing one of her seminars, that I do not feel the same internal flame starting to burn as I have felt when Master was teaching, or as I have felt when hearing some other, more experienced, teachters of the higher levels. I think she is doing fine, but I also think she is claiming a bit more than she can. She did not 'inherit' Masters unique capabilities to recieve new teachings from the hogher beings, that make her his remplacant on earth after he passed away. SHe may wnat ot organise a level 21 in August, saying she does not know yet what will be said (like Master always told us in advance he never knew what he was about to say at a new seminar), but I think that by organisasing a new level, she is exceeding. Master has told us, during his last seminars, to stop askign for more and more lessons, but to simply start doing and acting what he has learned. He told us everything and now it is up to us to practise, like he always urges us to do.

She may say she is doing the sunday transfers, because Master taught her how to do so. If so, ok, she might do this. But for me, it is still the energy that comes through Master's soul that is being transferred. Not her transfer.

As for Trung, I also agree with you, that he is wise in not claiming to teach himself. He insists on the fact that he is running the coordination of the school because that is what Master has always instructed him to do. And he is simply keeping to this task, which he performs very well, in my opinion, in a very sincere and modest way.

As for Teresa, I think she is actingwith the honest conviction that she is doing the right things. And she might. What bothers me a bit is the way that others students consider her as equal to saints, like she is the personal incarnation of the 'female power' Master told us about. This feminine power is - in my opnion - not bound to sexes. Any man can have these feminine power as well. It is in this sense that this feminine power will be more explicit in the years to come, equal to the masculin power that has been dominant for many years. Not to overrule, but to take equal place, so Yin and Yang will be in harmony.
This is not restrictid to some indivudual human being, representing this power on earth. So anyone who consiers Teresa to be this kind of representant, in my opnion has nut fully understood the words of Master.

But anyway, these are only my personal opnions, since you asked for it, and since you have the courage to point out the 'elephant in the room'as you described so well :-))

I hope other students will have the courage to reply with their personal views. And I hope I did not offend anyone with my words. This was not what I meant to do.

love, Spring
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