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Dear friends,

I'm reading so many quotes from different authors and personalities related to spirituality. They sound complicated or simple. They are very nice. But, for me, it's only nice quotes taken out of context, and that's it. I read them, I say "how nice" and pass on. They do not tell me anything. And with the rate and speed these quotes are published it's no chance I have the time to meditate over them and even less time to implement them in my life. And what use of learning about spirituality if we cannot implement it into our way of thinking and acting in our every day life? We can quote endlessly, even more talk only in quotes. It just proves that we read a lot and we have good memory. Nothing more.
If you try to communicate with me through quotes is equal to talking in Klingon. I'm human and I can understand human language, even if I have to read it through an automated translation software or with the dictionary looking up word by word.
Again, why use fancy quotes which tell nothing to nobody? Even more when those quotes are stripped from their context and their meaning can be easily altered.
So, I ask, I beg you, communicate with simple and human words when talking to me. It is not so difficult to have our own opinion over some subject. Why do we have to look for justification and legitimacy in the words of others? Are we afraid to express our own opinion?
"Opposite of life is not death, but indifference" Ellie Wiessel
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