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THANK FOR THRERESA NGUYEN TEACHING IN 5 YEARS We would like to thank the students of
Old 11-06-2013, 1:18 am  

Default THANK FOR THRERESA NGUYEN TEACHING IN 5 YEARS We would like to thank the students of

We would like to thank the students of the master Luong Minh Dang, specially student Nguyen Thu Thuy (Theresa Nguyen) and former students are teaching in the name of master Luong Minh Dang world wide. We thank you for all you have created and made yourself as an instrument of God to work. We all waiting for you after five years from the date master past away, we intend to not take you to the truth to say that we know in universal energy of study and cause internal turmoil and division but it will be a greatest remorse if I did not complete my mission about actions of Theresa Nguyen.

Through the process of tracking her curriculum Theresa Nguyen with our fellow we temporary give opinions as: Theresa in 5 years she always taught universal energy by formula changes. From the date of master Dang past away Theresa is a student like so many other student who have never taught universal energy but she stood out teaching level 16-20 in Bangkok, Euro and somewhere else under Luong Minh Dang name. At that time the former students was acceptable and silent not because of personal goals but because of we are listening our beloved master Dang and we think if we don’t critical her teaching so our new students will be good. But now master let us tell the truth about her way. It helps for both old and new universal energy students world wide.

Next Theresa continued curriculum in levels: 21-28. This program is entirely belong to Theresa Nguyen, but she still took the name of master Lương Minh Đáng. Master Dang never teach these levels when he was alive . The third time curriculum changes from her 28 levels to 10 levels from Level I - X. This program is completely unrelated to our master Luong Minh Dang method. The last curriculum she activated chakras 1 for her students in Tibet, Bangkok, Thailand around April of 2013 at the newly built temple. This method is totally opposed to master Dang method and more people was attached by bad spirits. Because master Dang had no training any program or activate chakra 1 for students in teaching or study this. Theresa did not think seriuosly about master teaching lesson so now a lot of bad spirits inside her and her students. She always thought that she was master Dang authority but it was not. The bad soul now in her they made her feel hurt. Many good universal student know how to heal her but she thought she is higest soul like master and she does not need. We can see her health get worse.
Step 4: Some of her student after attending her seminars were attacked by low and wondering souls. Then we wrote the topic : Energy recovery all levels and chakras adjustment on ue- global.com recently to help whom were in congestion by her teaching then one day after she read this topic then she copy this ideal and do adjust chakras for students but we know very clearly she was lost power. Theresa can copy and speak the same words with master Dang but her soul and energy is totally not master Dang. After all her steps and everything she does we can tell you she is one of lesson for all mankind in universal energy learn that we can look the same but about level of evolution and spirit is totally different. Theresa is better if she keeps her position is former one of master Dang wives but not a Power spiritual teacher. She is a women who loved master Dang in the past but can not stand up to teach universal energy . This is not her mission that is reason our universal energy family were so disturbance. When universal energy family were disturbance so our life also in congestion

Advice : In five years we track her steps as responsible on mankind - enlightenment-love. We conclude again Theresa Nguyen did not practice master Dang methods. She put on herself the right to change all formula and she did teach her own spirit not original universal energy which we waiting for that make many people are faced with disappointment. But for some reason, she always took the name of master Dang. This is not fair to his soul not fair to person who sacrificed his life for mankind. It is very sorry for students, too. Based on the teachings of the master Dang when you confuse the practice then you will lose energy and you come back as a normal people without energy and abilities as UE person.

PS:We still keep all internal information about Theresa teaching also of all teachers of Universal energy who borrow master Dang name and spirit to make money, earn benefits, frame and power. Master teach us we will lose all when you use his method for personal reason with selfish and power. You break yourself first if you break the most value subject from Creation for humankind. This method is to help not to earn and own.

PS: If you have any question, any wonder, any information but you feel you can not find the right answer about universal energy – spirituality, healing,…etc. We will help all of you clarify by wisdom and analyse but not critical. We should not be afraid because when you afraid you can not reach freedom to see your truth.

Wishing you all more wisdom and enlighten every moment.
With love and light


For further information please contact: newsunland@gmail.com / skype ID: newaura1313; ooVoo ID: newaura1313, Yahoo ID: strongaura
Tel: 01297382267. If you can not be reached by phone please contact by internet.
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