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Master Rememberance on the fourth year
Old 11-08-2011, 5:48 pm  

Default Master Rememberance on the fourth year
6880, 65 street , #30 Sacramento.CA.95828.USA
Tel/fax: 0019164278076 .Mobile:0019164705493
Email: Human1313@gmail.com or drstevetran@yahoo.com


Respectfully address to universal energy family!
Our dear loved Master Luong Minh Dang’s material went far away almost four years from twelve of August 2007.

Mankind received the newest global lesson from Master. This universe is still nonstop moving follow Creator’s rules. Master did not left any promises as well as anything except all invaluable lessons.

On the occasion of Four Years Master Death Remembrance on the date which he fulfilled his mission with his name Master Luong Minh Dang.
We believe Master scattered the seed of enlightenment tree for growth in time and we believe that Master still follow and search for the growth of the affection tree which he looks after.
This letter as a recommendations to brothers and sisters in our family.
Let’s keep all the formulas and practice techniques which can heal of human’s misery which is needed.
B]Let’s practice diligently and believe that Master is inside [/b]with our lofty trust. Then we feel warm and the faith of sense of mercy.

Don’t forget to use Universal Energy herbal remedy garlic to whom is already opened 100 % chakras. We don’t forget either to use clean Universal
Energy water for serving our daily life.

All level 20 learners should try your best to use warm rice bath to practice .

We transfer energy and use your techniques of Master levels to all big Antenna which Master informed you when he was still alive.

We also pay our attention to watch global news on TV about climate , weather, disaster, diseases and considerable danger to transfer the positive energy to change the negative follow your level

We wish you practice successfully.
Thank you Master Luong Minh Dang. We pray you help us on the will of Heaven.

Sacramento, 8th of August, 2011
Tran Phi Long

thay đổi nội dung bởi: UEAA, 11-08-2011 lúc 5:58 pm.
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13cdmitriy (02-09-2011)
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