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Old 18-04-2009, 7:20 pm  
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Farhad Fatkullin <frhdkazan@gmail.com>
Date: 2009/4/16
Subject: Re: Follow-up: skype meeting on 15-APR-2009
To: mel-staff@mel-global.com

Dear friends,

This is to inform that following Anh Trung's yesterday's statement, this morning I have erased affiliation statement from http://shyru.narod.ru/ - Russian-speaking UE website, created under the auspices of Paola Scotti-Mariani, the official representative of Master Dang in Eastern Europe.

I take full personal responsibility for my act. If you feel that http://shyru.narod.ru/ is somehow violating your legal rights, I will be happy to make changes to materials it reflects upon receiving official request from your legal representative.

To avoid possible speculations with my share of intellectual property, I closed Ildus' access to internal part of the website. Unfortunately, this also means that Ildus can no longer access emails arriving to the website's shyru@narod.ru email account. I offered him to organize a forwarding service once he sets up a new email account for himself, but he hung up the phone.

I guess this means that temporarily you can reach him via phone/fax numbers in his center +78435188936 and +78435188938, his Skype or his mobile number, or just wait until he contacts you himself providing his new email account.

I used Russian www.ue-global.com forum and the Russian-speaking UE yahoo-newsgroup to warn the Russian-speaking community about Ildus' email status.

with kind regards,

SHY/MEL staff (Eastern Europe)
Our freedom is to let others be free Master Dang
Наша свобода в том, чтобы давать свободу другим Мастер Данг

Сказка - ложь, да в ней намек... Anything expressed is but a hint...
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translator (18-04-2009)
Old 30-04-2009, 2:22 am  
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Nguyên văn bởi 13cdmitriy View Post
As for me, I think UE there was and there will be, аs for friction in the school - it was always there and will be there in the future. My personal opinion is that Trung wants to make "cleanse the party". New broom sweeps in a new way... if it gets broken, it's going to go under the bank. Time will show
Nguyên văn bởi ramzy View Post
I wouldn't say that Trung is a new broom. I'm very sorry that he had to make the decision he made. But after Vanni's and Master's passing away, Paola indeed became less protected in all the struggle. Previously she was protected by Master and Vanni.
When I asked Theresa and Trung if they continue viewing Paola as the official representative of the Master in Eastern Europe, both responded positively, said yes.
And if she is an Official representative of the Master, she must have been to be on the side of headquarters.
Nguyên văn bởi Katerina View Post
and which head-quarters exactly Paola must have been with? both simultaneously?
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