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"Theresa and Trung are not in the line with my beloved Master"
Old 14-05-2008, 10:33 pm  
Senior Member

Default "Theresa and Trung are not in the line with my beloved Master"
"Theresa and Trung are not in the line with my beloved Master".

I have heard this idea on many occasions and I would like further explanation about this from anyone who can help me. I am asking seriously.

Could somebody please explain to me how Dr. Trung is 'not in line' with the Master (who was his own father I believe?)

To my understanding, Mme. Theresa is not Dr. Trung's mother but actually is the second wife of the Master. Weren't there quite a few women with the Master before her? Why do people consider her to be special?

Also I understand that the Master did not authorize Mme. Theresa to teach while he was alive. I do not understand why that would change after His death? Certainly I observed through the years that she did perform small administrative tasks and assisted him in the work, but that was all I saw.

Also, I don't really understand how Mme. Theresa can claim that she is the one doing the Sunday energy transfer? This is confusing to me. It was always done by the Master in the past. If he had transferred this ability to her, wouldn't He have made some kind of annoucement about it? Wouldn't He have let us know? What do people think about that?

Now I have heard that Mme. Theresa is teaching original techniques that the Master never even taught. In fact, she will soon be teaching the 20.1 ... isn't this strange to anyone else? Does nobody think that might be a little um ... egoistic?

It is almost certainly saying that she is now teaching beyond anything that the Master taught.

To me, Mme. Theresa was His wife but also just a student of the Master, just like anyone else. Do people who have met her in person (I have not) feel that she has the same unique energy & charisma as the Master? More importantly, do people feel she has the same capabilities as the Master? Does she have the same wisdom? Was she just laying low all this time and hiding her talents until He passed away?

Am I asking the wrong questions? Do people believe the soul of the Master has gone into Mme. Theresa's body? Or have people always believed that she is a figure on the same level as the Virgin Mary or Kwan Yin? If so, I am quite surprised, because I never heard people talk that way about her.

Wouldn't it be wise of Dr. Trung to discourage any one Level 20 student from claiming so much attention for themselves, saying they are the new source of the energy and essentially making themselves the Master's replacement?

Any Level 20 student could claim it. Just schedule classes at the same time as the Master's Sunday energy transfer and there you go. Who would know if your weren't really making the transfer?

I really don't see Dr. Trung making any such claims himself. I only see him continuing with the same role the Master gave him a long time ago as his chosen Representative. He has not stopped anyone from teaching, rather authorized more teachers for higher Levels.

The only difference is His position that the energy is coming from the soul of the Master.

I know this is a hot & sticky topic. It feels like the 'elephant in the room' that nobody talk about. I hope it is not too hot for people to share their opinions with me.

(Respectfully please, I am asking in a spirit of trying to understand! I would really appreciate some feedback to try to gain a wider perspective.)

L & L
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Old 14-05-2008, 11:23 pm  
pinky's Avatar

I understand you, but I don't feel the ego from Theresa. What I feel is Master. I learn on Theresa's seminar and I feel so good. I think Dr. Trung my brother. I feel like a brother. Lady Theresa is my sister. I feel like a sister. We are family. I don't feel problems. I feel unity. Maybe littlebit diferent way but one destiny.

Thats what I feel.

Excuse me for my english
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Old 18-05-2008, 2:32 am  
number 13
number 13's Avatar

Default Theresa
I've read your story and it's interesting to know how you feel.
There is good and good, there is no choosing but learning.
not only from the lessons but especialy from the things that happen to our school.
The teaching must evolve so we can become new Masters, but were still children.
Theresa has capacities, perhaps we gave them to her, cause only together we can learn.
The School of SHY or Mel (Trung) is a very professional school and the teaching is with heart and soul, but Theresa does something different, call it woman power, and that wiil be the future Dang told us.
You don't have to choose (I hope) cause they are both sincire and coming from the heart.
Don't worry just evolve,


Number 13
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Old 18-05-2008, 3:19 am  
Senior Member
istvan's Avatar

Dear friends,

This is a very "hot" subject at the moment.
Our school, it seems, is divided into more than 2 parts. We only see 2 parts, because there are 2 leaders. I don't want to choose any side, I prefer to follow the teaching of Master. Also, I do not want to judge any side because everybody is doing a great job. We all evolve, so are our opinions.
Another idea: Chaos is ordered in its own way. We have an appearant chaos, but everybody is following the teaching of Master. This way we learn to discern everything and evolve ourselves, maybe faster than before. Now we are forced to meditate more to understand what is the reason and where all this will lead us. Meditation is good. Keep practicing!
What is important: unity in ideology? or name? or leader? or that we can practice, help people around us and mankind and evolve ourselves??
If somebody wishes to fight for some kind of power, let's let them obtain it. The sooner they will be there, the sooner they will realize how useless that is.

Keep on loving!
"Opposite of life is not death, but indifference" Ellie Wiessel
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We still have only one leader
Old 18-05-2008, 8:47 pm  
Senior Member

Default We still have only one leader
I have never seen that we have two leaders now? I only see Master's soul always beside us and help and guide us everything. And all the thing are happenning from his want. All the thing are followed his way. Is it not the truth?

I have a Questions to you about the soul, especially the Master's soul. Master always tell us, the souls don't need eat, don't need wear, don't need anything. And Master's soul is all wisdom and enlightenment. Is that right?

And his soul still alive with us? could you feel like that? And his body went far the way to start a new era, a new lesson, a new devolopment of mandkind. If not his soul is so stupid. ( I am sorry). His soul comes here to tell us all the thing, to teach us all the thing, but nothing is changing? Is that right? Is that our Master's soul so stupid? No, no I don't think so, and i am sure you don't think so too?

But if you don't think so? Why you feel worry about that? Why, Why?

he always teach us to keep an happy mind, to keep a brain with no worry? Why don't you follow that?

Anytime i feel worry, I only think about Master's soul and i feel peace. All the thing still under his control.

Who is our Master? and What is his mission?

One time I give our Master a Question in a siminar " When I meditate and receive the messages from you and high being. How be sure they are you and high being?"

He answered me in lol. "Sure, you don't know who is me, look me carefully one more time, i have a special spot in my face, i am so handsome too. Don't worry you will know who is me when you making menditation. I 've tauch you when you learn level 5. That high being from where to where, and I from where to where. Why don't you follow it"

Now, when we can not see his body, when we can not see his special spot in his face, the best way for you that you can feel his soul?

Connect one time to Lady Theresa, and Dr Trung, you can feel all

We only have one Master, one leader, even in the past, now and forever

thay đổi nội dung bởi: dat_mel, 19-05-2008 lúc 8:13 am.
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Old 19-05-2008, 12:03 am  
Super Moderator
vladimir's Avatar

....(Respectfully please, I am asking in a spirit of trying to understand! I would really appreciate some feedback to try to gain a wider perspective.)....

Hello Kassandra,

Please see the thread "Diksha" as well as other related threads and you might have more clear picture.
Friendly advise: Meditate on this dilemma of yours, ask Master and you will get the answer (technique of L5 - communication with Master and Higher Beings.)

Love & Light

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Old 19-05-2008, 11:51 pm  
Senior Member

I thank you all for your generous input in response to my post.

Well, I obviously don't think the Master's soul is 'stupid'. In fact, I think it is us as students who are usually not so smart.

Please understand that I am not 'worried' about this. I do understand that the Master told us to have a 'happy mind and a brain without worry'.

The Master also told us that we need to develop our Wisdom, and that is an ongoing process which involves many aspects. We gain wisdom through meditation but it is not the only method. We can also learn from the experiences of ourselves and others. "LIFE teaches us the Godlike path so we can be assistance to others".

So therefore I can think freely for myself and discuss these issues with other people in order to learn more from their experiences.

Yes, I know about the technique of meditation. I am only a Level 13+ student but I also learned about that in Level 5. It was a slightly condescending suggestion implying that I haven't meditated about this issue but thank you anyway.

However, the reason I posted was not to receive answers from the Higher Beings but to receive answers from other students in SHY/MEL.

I thought that perhaps by communicating with others in the School it would help me to understand their point of view better, and help me understand why people are accepting the things Theresa is doing. I wanted people's personal feedback.

Isn't that the point of having a forum? Otherwise we don't need to speak to each other at all, we can just close the forum and sit home quietly and meditate.

Anyway, I thank all of you answering and at least it opens up a discussion. I hope others will continue to tell us their opinions.
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Old 20-05-2008, 9:37 am  
Senior Member

Dear my friend Kassie,

I am very happy when I know you don't worry about this. I can feel your deep breath when you post answer all.

In fact, something never wrong or right, If they still exist, they must have a mission. They will help poeple learn from the others and help the others learn from them.

Master told us "Don't judge, pl". And we know that, something with me is wrong but with other is right. All depend on our poin of views, our knowledge, our ego, our wisdom and enlightenment.

The Master is still teaching us that "even the statue of Budda seem diffirent in each country, In India is black, in Japan is so short, in VN is so fat and yeallow skin". It all depends our mind not depend the body of The Budda.

so now, if the way of Dr Trung, the way of Lady Theresa, the way of any students are still existed, they still have a mission, a bandwith for people to learn. And now both Lady Theresa, Dr Trung and other people are helping many students in their way.

And if I feel I am suitable with what way i will follow.

But my friend, when we open Chakra 100%, our mind is very strong. Our thinking will penetrate all spiritual space. So i always be careful when make a thinking for another people.

I will ask Zezokun translate his post in Vietnam forum " Thinking, don't forget in the way come back" (http://www.ue-global.com/showthread.php?t=72)
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Old 20-05-2008, 8:17 pm  
Senior Member

dear Kassie,

I have not posted any replies in a long time, but your request for personal feedback of personel opinions invites me to do so.
I have had many similar questions as you have about the way Theresa is acting. I think, as she is also a level 20 student, and as she has been sitting next to Master for many many times during his teachings, she will very well know his teachings and she is able to teach as well.
But I must say, after auditing one of her seminars, that I do not feel the same internal flame starting to burn as I have felt when Master was teaching, or as I have felt when hearing some other, more experienced, teachters of the higher levels. I think she is doing fine, but I also think she is claiming a bit more than she can. She did not 'inherit' Masters unique capabilities to recieve new teachings from the hogher beings, that make her his remplacant on earth after he passed away. SHe may wnat ot organise a level 21 in August, saying she does not know yet what will be said (like Master always told us in advance he never knew what he was about to say at a new seminar), but I think that by organisasing a new level, she is exceeding. Master has told us, during his last seminars, to stop askign for more and more lessons, but to simply start doing and acting what he has learned. He told us everything and now it is up to us to practise, like he always urges us to do.

She may say she is doing the sunday transfers, because Master taught her how to do so. If so, ok, she might do this. But for me, it is still the energy that comes through Master's soul that is being transferred. Not her transfer.

As for Trung, I also agree with you, that he is wise in not claiming to teach himself. He insists on the fact that he is running the coordination of the school because that is what Master has always instructed him to do. And he is simply keeping to this task, which he performs very well, in my opinion, in a very sincere and modest way.

As for Teresa, I think she is actingwith the honest conviction that she is doing the right things. And she might. What bothers me a bit is the way that others students consider her as equal to saints, like she is the personal incarnation of the 'female power' Master told us about. This feminine power is - in my opnion - not bound to sexes. Any man can have these feminine power as well. It is in this sense that this feminine power will be more explicit in the years to come, equal to the masculin power that has been dominant for many years. Not to overrule, but to take equal place, so Yin and Yang will be in harmony.
This is not restrictid to some indivudual human being, representing this power on earth. So anyone who consiers Teresa to be this kind of representant, in my opnion has nut fully understood the words of Master.

But anyway, these are only my personal opnions, since you asked for it, and since you have the courage to point out the 'elephant in the room'as you described so well :-))

I hope other students will have the courage to reply with their personal views. And I hope I did not offend anyone with my words. This was not what I meant to do.

love, Spring
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Dưới đây là 6 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến spring vì bài post hữu ích này:
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Old 21-05-2008, 3:43 am  
Senior Member

Dear All,

Dear dat_mel, thank you very much for offering to translate the post 'Thinking, don't forget the way back' into English for us. I'm sure it will be a valuable contribution to the discussion.

Yes, the Master did tell us not to judge other people. He always said, "They are right from their perspective". So what Theresa does is really up to her. I cannot stop her from doing her thing. It is right for her.

However, I do think that I need to use discernment to decide what is the right course of action for myself.

I don't know how it is in Vietnam but in the Western countires, there are teachers around every corner, so many of them! They will tell you that they are a Living Saint, that they have the only True Path to Enlightenment. They will tell you not to 'think', just be happy and obey the Guru in every aspect.

I know of people who followed their Living (female) Guru for ten, twenty plus years only to find themselves left at the end of it all with false teachings and lies. They did not think, because the Guru told them it was spiritually 'dangerous'; that they risked their enlightenment by doing so.

This Guru (I'm not going to mention names) ended up with a nice healthy retirement account and lots of diamonds and gold jewlery while her 'students' were left with nothing - no money, no career, sometimes no family, because they had 'abandoned everything to help others and follow the Spiritual Path' under her guidance.

This happens to people all the time! All those years wasted so that somebody else can gain fame and fortune! Can you imagine the pain of waking up one day to realize that you have thrown away the best part of your life for a false teaching?

I am only saying that we can't be happy zombies, that is not what the Master taught. We must always use our wisdom to discern the Truth in every situation.

I would like to thank spring for those comments. I am so glad and it is so refreshing to hear about the actual experiences of other people. It is very helpful to all of us and we should not be afraid to speak out for fear that we are being 'politically incorrect.'

If we do that we are losing an essential part of our freedom of expression and becoming more or less like any other group with closed thought-systems. There are lots of them out there.

I especially like the comment about this divine feminine power being present in both men and women. It really clarifies an important point about the Master's teaching.

In the early years for sure the Master often taught about the Goddess Nout.

To my knowledge, He had at least one other 'lady friend' who other people if not herself, believed was the living incarnation of Nout.

In the end for her, it was probably just a test to see how much she liked the power and glamor of her role. I don't know what happened to her. She disappeared off the scene many years ago.

With the experience I have described in mind, I would say that any of us must be cautious. We must definitely use our critical thinking capacities in order not to be led astray.

This is my contribution for today

Cám ơn ... everybody!
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