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Old 27-05-2008, 7:04 pm  
Farkhad Fatkullin
Super Moderator
Farkhad Fatkullin's Avatar

Dear Thien Thu 2,
As you well know, real power is in controlling ourselves and our desires, not others. This forum helps us to see our misunderstandings, and by discussing them, start seeing our "stereotypes" better - which is the only way we can overcome them.
I agree with kassie and I agree with you - we should not only talk and learn, but also do something. We all transfer energy, we all do something in material world, and most importantly - we contribute into making knowledge of UE and a wider application of its principles more accessible throughout the world.
Thank you for talking to us - we welcome you, and I believe nobody is going to ban you or anyone else of us - raising issues that seem to be left out is the only way we can help each other to grow.
My spirituality: I'm a son and a father, great-...-son and great-...-father; made of body and soul, atoms and God?... Are you destined to life-long UE learning?

Моя духовность: Я есть сын и отец, пра-....-внук и пра-...-дед; состоящий из тела и души, атомов и Бога? Век живи, век учись... понимание УЭ безгранично

Старейший русскоязычный веб-сайт о Мастере Данге и его учении / Oldest Russian-speaking website about Master Dang and his teachings
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Dưới đây là 2 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến Farkhad Fatkullin vì bài post hữu ích này:
lotus (28-05-2008), Тихомирова Т. (30-05-2008)
Old 28-05-2008, 11:12 pm  
Senior Member
healingnow4u's Avatar


Love the subject! What is so awesome about what Lady Theresa and Trung are doing with HUE is to continue to help humanity heal themselves and there Loved Ones. They both are stepping out in faith to continue the Great Love that Master spoke daily about.

At first i was concern about what was to happen to Master School of Healing in the future. Then i started to hear from other Students that have attended Lady Theresa's and Dr. Vu's classes...Guess what thay are saying? "MASTER IS THERE"!!!!

We are truely blessed to know and learn from these devoted children of Master Dang. Lady Theresa is side by side with Master's Spirit...Dr. Vu is side by side with Master's Spirit...greater than any other student. Those two spent more time with Master than any other student. Wow the things they saw and felt must of been so so so awesome.

Keep the conversation going...this is how we learn and grow with eachother.

I can't wait for Dr. Vu and Lady Theresa to start sharing what they saw and felt while being next to Master almost Daily. If they write books about it...they will saleout fast...lol..

Sincerely Yours in Love, Light and Healing Happiness,
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Dưới đây là 4 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến healingnow4u vì bài post hữu ích này:
Farkhad Fatkullin (29-05-2008), georgy (29-05-2008), ponahlo (31-05-2008), Тихомирова Т. (30-05-2008)
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