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Master's message received in meditation
Old 09-12-2007, 12:27 pm  
Senior Member

Post Master's message received in meditation
Dear my friends,

First, I want to tell you that my English is not very good, so it is very difficult for me to express my idea. Please try to understand me.

As you know, in recent time, MEL has had many big problems. First, why did our Master go far away? Second, when Master went far away why MEL got separated into at least two main parts. They make many MEL’s students feel fearful, worried and very sad. Of course, many young students and I feel like that. We really do not know why? We really do not know what we can learn from these lessons. So all of us have a long meditation with Master’s soul to understand the reasons, the deep lessons. And now, I am going to tell you about my received message as to why our school got separated into at least two main parts.

Firstly, our Master taught us three lessons: Accept, Be calm, no judge. He told us not to blame Lady Theresa or Trung, because it is not Lady Theresa’s idea, nor is it Trung’s idea. It was Master’s will, God’s or High Beings’. MEL is a spiritual path so we should look at whatever happened in a spiritual way, don’t look at it in the normal way. In the future, from many paths, maybe from big storms, tsunamis, earthquakes… many souls from C3 to C5 will be free from deep inside our earth. They must learn the new lessons for their development. And all of us have a mission to help them how to learn the new lessons. And the High Beings never permit us to give up even one soul. So we must have the same energy with their souls in order to help them. When our Master finished teaching Lever 20, all the high souls from C3 to C5 can separate into two parts. Part 1, they are the souls who accept the new lessons, as our Master sometime said “A woman will be a leader with unconditional love, a person who can love everybody, a person who can give the power to everybody without condition”. And Part 2, They are the souls who still do not accept the new lessons. They still want a leader must be a man. They still want the power, they still want the copyrights… The High Beings and our Master never give up any soul, so they’ll create enough ways for development of all souls from C3 to C5. So that, once more time, our Master again told us not to blame Lady Theresa or Trung please, because the ideas were not theirs. It was Master’s will, God’s or High Beings’. You must always remember that your lives and your souls were created by God, by High Beings so that if there’s anyone not following the instructions of God, God knows what to do, how to solve this problem. Don’t worry, that is not your mission. It means that all of us remember that “ Never try to do anything to combine Lady Theresa and Dr Trung as one, you can not and no one can, because now we really need MEL to be separated into two parts. At the limited time as the High Beings wanted – the last day of the year 2009, the last time for all souls from C3 to C5 to finish the lesson of wisdom and enlightment, whether you want to or not, the two parts will become one. If our Master went far away one year ago, maybe MEL would not only be separated into two main parts but we would have separated into many different parts. In this time, MEL only separate into two parts, you must feel happy, lucky, you must feel the big love from God, from High Being.

And once more time you must remember three lessons: Accept, Be calm, no judge. You must understand wisdom and enlightment that your energy belong to which part? Please go to that part. Don’t worry, don’t worry anything.

That is all.

Dear my friend! By the way, I share with you one point that Master always tell me when I meditate to receive his messages. I think maybe it will be useful to you. He told me to listen carefully to the L20’s CDs. In the moning of the second day in lever 20, he gave to 1541 students in lever 20 a test. He asked us to give him the answer soon. You can listen carefully again. I will tell you as my memories: “when you have any problem, you pray for my soul to merge with yours. When you feel yourself in bad health, pray for my soul to merge with yours, and now I ask you that, when I meet a problem, when I feel bad health who can I pray to? Do not laugh, if you laugh you will not remember anything to give me the answer? I give this examination to 1541 students in this lever 20”.

With love and light of God to you!

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Story about a Master!
Old 24-12-2007, 11:25 am  
Senior Member

Default Story about a Master!
The day you went away, I was freeze. I did not know, I really did not know what was happening in my eyes? I was only able to pray and merge in the hope that the Master not to go. 6 hours passed and the 3 days passed and then the Master’s body was taken to the cemetery for cremation. Until such time, I had to believe that Master really left us. I those moments, I only wanted to seat down watching the Master’s funeral through internet, but a very strong force of energy came and told me that: “I don’t want you sitting here watching them cremating my body, I want you to go to Hai Duong teaching level 3 open Chakra 100% for new students”.

I intended to argue that “today I have no motivation to teach. I am not calm so how can I teach people how to be calm?” However the Master still asking me to go: “You go and you then be understood”. At that moment, there was a small hope in my mind, perhaps Master asked me to go and then when I finished, I would be told that they could not cremate Him and He revived. I then went to HD with excitement. After I completed the class, I called a friend and his answer was painful: “All finished! His ashes will be kept at the Ancestor’s altar and then to be spread in the open sea.”. I ran to the entresol in the house of a student and sat quietly. I then called Master: “Master, there was some secrete which I could not understand, I felt very unease!”. And then all of my body was in a very special state but not the state of deep meditation. I felt that I was still very conscious and separated from everything around. I met Master and Master was bright like a mass of light, the warm light which is full of love. All my sadness in the past few days was gone. Master smiled and asked me:

- Do you know why my physical body has to go?
- I don’t know and I now don’t want to know.
- But I want you to know, I told you that if you went to teach this class, you would know.
- Yes, Master.
Master then asked:
- For how long I have taught MEL?
- 18 year.
- In the past, normally, how many new class in a year?
- Master! One class.
- So, what should be the highest level now?
- Master! Level 18.
- What is the year which the High Devine has set for?
- You taught us that will be in 2009, Master!
- If in normal situation, what would be the highest level I will teach in 2009?
- Level 20, Master!
- Have you understood?
- Master! I seemed to understand a little bit but please give me some more clues!
- Yes. The last time which the High Divines gave to the most human beings is the year of 2009. At that time, mankind has to complete their own lessons. Specially two lessons that the previous human races in the time of Atlantic and Egyptian were bot able to learn, they were: “the power and the selfishness”. The energy level at MEL 20th level has ability to dig up the full lessons of “power and selfishness” for MEL students and mankind to learn. It is also an opportunity for Mankind to overcome those lessons.
- Master! Please explain more! And even so, it is not necessary for you to depart from us!
- If mankind only receive the energy of level 20 from 2009, I am afraid that mankind would be followed the steps of the previous ages. Because from the time when the energy of level 20 appears (around July 2009) to the last period being set for (end of 2009) would be so short for mankind to learn the lessons of “power and selfishness”. And then mankind could only learn of the lessons, not be able to be enlightened with those as yet. And we shall then steps in the old paths.
- Because of that reasons, Master had to chose this method?
- Correct, I asked the High Divines to allow me teaching levels 18, 19, 20 urgently in 2007 in order for MEL students having enough time to really enlighten and be wise on the Power and Selfishness lessons. These are the roots of all deadlocks.
- But if so, your body still needs not to depart from us?
- You are so greedy and obscure again. I asked God to let mankind to learn the level 20 lesson, the lessons of Power and Selfishness 2 years earlier in order for all of you having opportunities to really experiment and surpass. You have 2 years more to learn but if I was always be with you, what can you learn then? Look at our MEL only, if my physical body is still in existence, how many students are dare to show their want of Power and Selfishness. Nevertheless, they are still scare of me. Then, if there are Power and Selfishness still in their minds, how can they enlighten and be wise. It is MEL circumstances and mankind is also similar.
- It means that when you taught us level 20, it was time for you to leave us.
- Correct! Many MEL students knew that when I taught the 2009 levels in 2007. They knew it but they did not say any.
- It means that in future, we witness the appearance of all lessons on Power and Selfishness, both in and out of MEL?
- Yes! More clearer is that while my body was still alive, the lessons of Power and Selfishness was already in existence but after I left, those will be exposed in full.
- So, there will be a separation and scramble in our HUE and there will be war amongst countries. All will be for Power and Selfishness?
- Those would be last long or not depend on all of you and mankind. For MEL, don’t have to worry. There will be, but not in deep and will be over on time.
- In future, what will mankind be fighting for, powering on and what will we have to do to help?
- All of them will loose. God will help them to realise that the will be failed if they want to struggle for Power and Selfishness. They will fighting for everything from: economical benefit, land, oil, oceans, minerals, high titles, industrial invention, copyrights, etc… They will find that they are loosing when they get all of those. MEL students will have to learn those lessons as well but I predict that you will learn those a bit quicker.
- In this situation, what should we have to do?
- Practice all of the lessons being learnt from the High Divines. Learning up to level 20 is enough! Now is time for you to practise. You have to throw away power and selfishness, having and true love. Practice regularly and transfer energy, practice as much as you can the formulas at your level. Help and love everyone.
- Yes Master! But those had been taught by you before! Now your physical body has gone but why don’t we have to do something more special than.
- It was more than enough! Now is to practice. What happen in 2009 depends on the practice of all of you.

I left that state and I cried. I don’t like cry even what are happening. The first time I cried when you left us. But I cried not because I was sad or I was happy. I cried because your love and your devote.

Master, I will not lazy. I will do, I will do not for anything, not for me, not for you, not for mankind. I will do, all of us will do. Now I am feeling this deep lesson: THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
Master, I love you!

(Transleted from http://www.ue-global.com/forum/showthread.php?t=144 )
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Old 16-10-2008, 2:25 pm  
Farkhad Fatkullin
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Quoting a part of Russian translation of datamel’s previous translation/post
Nguyên văn bởi Анечка View Post
Just like many others, who read the “Meeting with the Master” message shared by one of our Vietnamese colleagues in the English-speaking forum, I had a question: what will happen in 2009? Changes, yes… but of what kind? And how will they reflect on the regular people and on Earth? Indeed, we have little time left, we need to hurry, BUT WHAT WILL BE NEXT? After 2009. I’ll be very interested to hear your opinions
My spirituality: I'm a son and a father, great-...-son and great-...-father; made of body and soul, atoms and God?... Are you destined to life-long UE learning?

Моя духовность: Я есть сын и отец, пра-....-внук и пра-...-дед; состоящий из тела и души, атомов и Бога? Век живи, век учись... понимание УЭ безгранично

Старейший русскоязычный веб-сайт о Мастере Данге и его учении / Oldest Russian-speaking website about Master Dang and his teachings
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