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World Congress in Chennai
Old 04-03-2008, 12:15 pm  
Senior Member

Default World Congress in Chennai
I have just received this email:

Dear Universal Energy Friends,

Enclosed are the Notice of attending the World Congress in Chennai , India and Pilgrimage at Viet Nam Buddha’s Land Temples in India and Nepal .

Thank you and Warm Regards,

HUESA staff
Phu Nguyen
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abhinandha (04-03-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (05-03-2008), healingnow4u (26-03-2008), lotus (04-03-2008), vladimir (05-03-2008)
Old 22-03-2008, 11:14 am  
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Worldwide News
20 March 2008
Report from Meetings in Mexico (March 2008)



After the trip to visit the Centers in Mexico in January 2008, Prof. Dr. Luong Minh Trung together with his spouse and staff from MEL Headquarters Saint Louis returned for the second time to the following locations: Valle de Bravo, Toluca, Mexico City and Monterrey from 04th to 07th March 2008. In each location, after greeting the UE students and Center’s Director, Prof. Dr. Luong Minh Trung and everybody performed a Meditation together. Dr. Luong Minh Trung mentioned that there were many times the Master had wished to visit the Centers in Mexico, but could not because of his busy teaching schedule. Therefore, the first reason for this trip is to fulfill the Master’s wish as carried out by his own son who is the Master’s representative. Also, this is an opportunity for Dr. Luong Minh Trung to learn about the needs of the students from the Centers in Mexico, and to help these students more effectively during this new era. Dr. Luong Minh Trung stated that even though the Master’s body is no longer here with us, but his Soul is always close to us more than ever. To share with the students, Dr. Luong Minh Trung discussed topics related to the History of our School; about the Master’s passing; the confusion after the Master’s passing; each person’s Mission; the Developmental direction of our School and personal experience. Dr. Trung also answered a number of questions from the students.

1. History of Our School

Master Luong Minh Dang meditated and received the knowledge about Universal Energy teaching directly from the Higher Beings in 1972 in Vietnam. In 1985, Master Dang and his family went to America. In July 1989, according to requests from a number of Vietnamese acquaintances, the Master taught the first Basic Level to 27 students. With results, the teaching spread by word-of-mouth within the Vietnamese communities in America as well as in several European countries. The Master continued to teach other Basic Level sessions. Until the end of 1990, besides the Vietnamese people there were many foreigners from other countries who could be counted among the number of students. This teaching expanded to the countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. From 1989 to August 2007, the Master taught from Level 1 to the highest, which is Level 20 (Seminar of the Applications of Spiritual Science II). From the first group of 27, the total number of UE students at the present time has reached millions that include people from all races, religions, and colors in more than 60 countries and more than 100 Centers and Sub-Centers in 5 continents. The number of people who received the energy transfer free of charge is estimated to be in the millions.

2. The Master’s Passing

On 12th August 2007, with one day of the Level 19 (Seminar of the Applications of Spiritual Science I) remaining before the end of class, the Master suddenly departed at night. Everybody was in shock and could not believe that the Master had passed away; yet we all had to accept the truth. Everyone felt sadness, from the students to the family members as well as anybody who knew the Master. This sudden loss was too much for the Master’s family members, including Prof. Dr. Luong Minh Trung, who was his son and student. He was close to the Master and had also been his assistant through the years. Even now Dr. Trung cannot understand how he was able to continue with the work while still coping with the great sadness that he thought he could never overcome.

In the midst of the pain and despair, everybody wondered how our School would develop. Would they have a chance to learn the higher levels or must they stop at the level they had learned while the Master was alive? All of these doubts were valid. The Master supposedly should have lived longer so people could continue to learn more classes from him. If the Master was alive, he could help many more people...

From another perspective however, we need to know that in this life the Master has finished his mission on earth. The Master left the physical body to help and support his students more effectively. The Master temporarily departed from us so we can grow to become more spiritually mature, without depending too much on his physical body. Over 18 years, the Master taught many classes to provide opportunities for many people to learn either directly or indirectly. The Master provided everything necessary for us to have the ability and power to help ourselves, our family and other people. This teaching came from the Higher Beings and our Master shared everything he learned without holding anything back for himself.

3. Confusions after the Master’s Passing

It was sad that a short time after the Master’s passing, there were problems from within his own family. The starting point was the different perception about the spiritual characteristics of our School and the Master’s so-called ‘Successor’. In December 2007 the Center in Melbourne, Australia, removed itself from the Mankind Enlightenment Love (MEL) Worldwide structure that the Master had established many years ago. The Master had appointed Prof. Dr. Luong Minh Trung as President of MEL Worldwide with all the accompanying legal rights. Over the years and now, the written materials as well as any items related to the courses, including the Dragon-Phoenix Logo on the Bronze Drum and 13-ray Sun Image, have been registered with copyrights according to the Master’s instructions. It is illegal for any person or organization who is not in the MEL structure to use these copyrighted materials. This is based on the copyright protection for these intellectual properties. However, as the Master mentioned while he was alive, the main purpose of this was to use these legal rights to protect the large UE family, in order to avoid conflicts that may occur with people from outside our School. Dr. Trung recommends that we should leave the Higher Beings to handle any organization or person who does not follow the Mankind Enlightenment Love (MEL) Worldwide structure.

4. Each Person’s Mission

Dr. Luong Minh Trung realized that he went through a very difficult time after the Master’s passing. He did not just lose a Spiritual Master but also a loving Father. The sadness together with the confusion caused by the Master’s partner have caused such a challenging trial that without the Master’s Presence and Divine help, he thought perhaps he would not be able to overcome it. Fortunately, besides the fact that Dr. Luong Minh Trung was his son, the Master had also entrusted him with the responsibility of managing the UE Worldwide Centers for many years. He also was a student who had always worked closely with the Master to organize many courses. Dr. Luong Minh Trung lived near the Master during His last year. Dr. Trung revealed that he learned more from the Master during the one-year period before His passing than he had learned in the past 15 years. While the Master was alive, whenever there were problems Dr. Trung normally consulted with the Master in order to solve them. Now the Master’s Soul is always with all the students to guide and support everyone to fulfill the mission that the Higher Beings have given them. Dr. Luong Minh Trung’s responsibility is to share whatever he receives from the Master to the students at these Centers so that everybody could have a clearer view about the path. In this way they would be able to follow and confidently overcome all problems to spread this teaching to help themselves and others.

5. Developmental Direction of Our School

One month after the Master’s passing, Dr. Luong Minh Trung returned back to the USA with his family. During meditation, Dr. Trung always asked that since the Master has left, could the students have the opportunity to continue to learn higher than the Level 13++ or not? Many days went by and he did not have any answer from the Master. In October 2007, suddenly Dr. Trung received the Message. The content of this Message was to summon a group of Center Directors who had followed UE School for many years and had experience in teaching the Advanced Level 2, to come to Saint Louis to learn how to conduct the Level 16, 17 and 18. Dr. Trung confessed, “At first, upon receiving this Message I personally had many doubts. I asked myself: Could it be from the personal struggle or ego with the aim to create power for myself? After 3 days struggling with this thought and asking my own conscience, I prayed to the Higher Beings and the Master’s Soul. I asked the Higher Beings to arrange it so the Center Directors could come to the Meeting in Saint Louis without any problems if this Message was true. If it was not a real Message I asked that the Higher Beings would not allow the Meeting to take place. Personally, I accepted all the risks; including giving up my own life if the content of the Message was initiated from the ego. Afterwards, the Meeting was successful even though only a half of the 40 persons who were invited could come. Certainly, with this first experience, I can share with you whatever I have received.” Some people doubted the reason for the Meeting in St. Louis. If the Message did not come from the Master then these instructors could lose everything they had learned over the past 18 years. But after the Meeting was finished, these people safely returned back to their countries and organized the Level 16 successfully. Their students were able to apply the Level 16 techniques effectively and sense the power energy from the Master.

In the directions to carry out the Master’s teaching, Dr. Trung mentioned that in the year 2008, instructors who were authorized to teach the Level 16 would be able to continue to teach Level 17 and 18. A number of qualified instructors will be appointed to teach Level 19. The time, duration and instructor’s name for Level 19 and 20 will be announced later. These were the details Dr. Trung received through the Master’s Messages. Regarding the teaching materials, several months ago the Teaching Guides and Summary Notes from the Basic Level up to Level 20 were revised and sent to the Center Directors and instructors. These materials were reviewed and revised by the Master himself. From the teaching aspect, MEL Headquarters also has a plan to train instructors. The Centers in Mexico as well as other National Centers were encouraged to train more people to have the capability to spread this teaching. These Centers can submit a request for Instructor Training to MEL Headquarters for consideration. Furthermore, one of the next issues on the MEL Headquarters agenda is to update the www.mel-global.com website to include more languages. This will help students from other countries to know news about all MEL Worldwide activities sooner.

6. Personal Experience

To us, all the students respected the Master. The Master taught and transferred everything he learned from the Higher Beings to us. Throughout his entire life, through all the courses from low to high, the Master wished that you could learn the techniques to help yourself, your family, and your friends. Also if you had the opportunity, you could help others who are linked to you by fate. You should use this power and ability out of Love for other people. It is unconditional Love without any discrimination due to race, color, religion, etc. When we came to this School, whether we have studied for a long or short time, whether we have learned to the highest level or not, everybody has his or her own mission and responsibility. If we completed the Level 20, we can open Chakras 100% and transfer energy for Level 4 for others. If we are not in the Level 20 we can still help others by transferring energy according to the techniques we learned in our class. In each level, we need time to practice and apply what we have learned. Each person should decide on his/her own when it is the appropriate time to go on to the higher levels. When we have doubts and do not know whether to do this or that to help our own Spiritual development, we can ask the Master for guidance during the Meditation. We can only comprehend this teaching the Master has given us when we have only one motive, which is Love, which is helping others unconditionally without seeking Fame, Fortune or Power.

In the future if any of you who have learned the courses from any organization that is not in the MEL structure encounter problems with the practice, you can contact MEL Headquarters to get help in order to recover your energy. All of us want to have the ability to help more people. However, the students who learn from you should also know how to apply everything correctly. That is the responsibility of the instructor. It does not mean that you can simply open Chakras 100% and transfer energy for the Levels, thinking it is enough. When you teach other people, can you guarantee your accuracy and the effective nature of this Teaching? If the teaching is not clear then the instructor cannot help the students and their practices will not be effective.

7. Other Issues

1) In Valle de Bravo, Dr. Luong Minh Trung introduced Ms. Irma Audelia Jimenez, a Level 19 student, to the audience. She will teach the Basic Level courses with the assistance from Mary de Lourdes Figueroa, the Center Director in Guadalajara. The students in Valle de Bravo wished to have a Center established in this region. MEL Headquarters will provide legal support to help establish this Center. Answering a student’s question about whether this method uses energy from our own body, Dr. Trung replied that the energy the students use is Universal Energy that we can receive into the body through the 100% opening of the Chakras. Someone asked whether Universal Energy is black magic or not. The answer was that Universal Energy is not black magic. There were people who were anxious to go on to the higher levels. Dr. Trung advised that they should not rush. It is important that we clearly understand and correctly apply the techniques then we will be effective. Parents should consider before allowing children to learn the Basic Level in order to avoid possible distractions from their academic education. MEL Headquarters will provide the opportunity to have more instructors with the ability to help students learn in their own region and reduce travel costs.

2) In Toluca, with reference to the question about the Soul of Level 13 students, Dr. Trung revealed that in the Level 20 the Master taught that each time we went on to a higher level, we have a new soul. The souls that merge with the Level 20 students are higher Souls. They have the right to decide and are completely responsible for their own decisions. When you learned Universal Energy, you could practice any other methods, but you should not mix them with Universal Energy. Regarding the class duration, in the beginning years the Master taught the Basic Level in more days than now. Due to the spiritual development, now students learn in a shorter time. On Sunday according to the designated connection time, students can sit to receive the Energy from the Master’s Soul for 10 minutes. Dr. Trung showed several video clips in which the Master attended the inauguration of the Altar of Mankind’s Ancestors in Saint Louis and invited the Center Directors as well as other students who had the opportunity to visit the Altar.

3) In Mexico City, Dr. Trung mentioned that one of the aims of the Meeting in November 2007 in Saint Louis was to continue and fulfill the objectives that the Master had given during the Meeting in Melbourne (November 2006). Dr. Trung shared his Message with the Centers so they could continue to carry out the Master’s directions, which were to train instructors with the quality and energy to spread this teaching. To achieve this we need time. The students need time to learn and fully understand the materials before becoming instructors and teaching others. For the instructors who are teaching, they still need to teach in an orderly fashion from each level. Level 20 students can open Chakras 100% and transfer energy for others, but if the instructor himself/herself does not know how to transfer energy, for example, then he/she cannot help much. Students asked if Level 20 would be the highest level. Also when they would be able to transfer energy for the students at Level 5, 6 and 7. Dr. Trung mentioned that the Master taught the first level 16 course for 10 days and afterwards the duration was shorter. According to the Master’s planning, each task will be carried out in the right time. We need to learn, understand and apply correctly first. If we want to go too fast then sometimes it may not be effective. In the future, whether the Level 20 is the highest or not, we shall wait and see.

4) There was a question from students in Monterrey related to the Energy Transfer. Dr. Trung answered that on each Sunday at the exact connection time as designated for each Continent, we can meditate for 10 minutes to receive the Energy in order to open Chakras 100% and transfer energy for students from the Level 4 and higher. One question was about the Master’s hair, how come the Master’s hair became black? Dr. Trung answered that the Master only needed to go to a hair salon for 5 minutes (for coloring).

Thank you very much.

Saint Louis, 20 March 2008
MEL-Global Website Administrator
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Farkhad Fatkullin (22-03-2008), healingnow4u (26-03-2008)
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