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A UE Meditation Secret
Old 20-10-2007, 9:21 pm  
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Default A UE Meditation Secret
A UE Meditation Secret

No matter what meditation method we practice, - be it Yoga, Chi Kung, Taoists, Christians or Buddhists - most likely, it would not be outside of the following two categories:

1. Tùng Tướng Nhập Tánh: which means using intense mind focusing on a subject, an object, a method, a repeating action or a ritual, either intentionally or intentionally to eventually lead one to a state of ultimate Union with what Buddha called the Self, Emptiness, and other disciplines call the One, Universal Consciousness, etc.

2. Nhiếp Tướng Hiển Tánh: which means closing all means of the mind’s, letting go of all mind consciousness, closing all “ matters of forms” and stepping straight into the ultimate state of being.
Yoga schools are among the ancient meditation practices. One of it methods, thought to be “high” ranking, is called raja yoga. This method belongs to the above category number 2, which means that it does not use mind-focusing, mind-directing action or intense concentration. It merely transcends the mind and enters “Emptiness” directly. The term “raja yoga” means “king” of meditation. (Note that “high” meditation methods of Buddhism also stop using the ‘operating mind”.)

Nearly 11 years ago when I first entered UE, I was taught a similar method of stilling the mind. The instructor merely gave a simple instruction: “Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, think of nothing for 5 minutes and then take 3 deep breaths again.” At that time, Master Dang had not yet performed distant 100% Chakra opening so I had to wait 4 months before I had the chance to attend Level 3. Throughout those precious months, I faithfully practiced the meditation as required; otherwise the charkas would be “closed” as I was told. Thanks to this requirement and the time frame involved, I was fortunate enough to have experienced a small degree of the meditation’s marvelous mysteries. I searched through books in an attempt to understand the mechanics of meditation. It was then I came to learn that I had indeed learned a “high” meditation method: the so-called “king of meditations”

However, when I finally met Master Dang for the 100% chakra opening, a student asked him: “Master, during the meditation, I just can’t stop my thoughts, what should I do?” Master Dang paused for a few seconds and then smiled: “In that case, for the time being, think of your Chakra 7.” It dawned on me that it was the needs of the practitioners that the master had chosen to “lower” the rank of the “king of meditation” by using the method of the mind-action category. From then on, most of the new students were told by instructors to think of C7, unfortunately. So fewer and fewer understood this secret key of the UE discipline. Or even if they were taught of the “king of meditation”, few would keep up with the practice after 100% chakra opening as one is no longer required to do so.

There are two additional unfortunate matters. One, ever since level 2 and 3 were required to be held closely together, (most are within 1 or 2 days) and then as practitioners are no longer required to do the daily “king” meditation, the method has fallen into oblivion. Two, from level 3 onward all the way up to level 20, we concentrate solely on methods that require “mind action”, unwittingly going from the “king meditation” down to one that belongs to the above number 1 category: “Tùng Tướng Nhập Tánh”. Of course the ultimate goals remain to be the same with both categories but this path is more difficult. It requires the students to practice diligently until the mind is so exhausted that it finally surrenders and subsequently enters the Emptiness.

In some higher levels, however, Master Dang had given a special key to relatively shorten the path when he taught students the meditation of “flying out to the universe”. The secret behind it is that most students after focusing intensely on transmitting energy to 30 or 40 subjects/locations, the mind would be exhausted and surrenders itself so that the consciousness of the practitioners may be released into the “Universal consciousness”. And if you pay close attention in one of the seminars, Master Dang had a very brief and unemphatic statement which perhaps had eluded most of us: “Listen, if you can still see the moon, stars or something, it means you are not there yet.” I chuckled at the words. So that’s it. He had finally revealed that “there ain’t nothing of forms”, the same secret that Buddha also mentioned but few of us found palpable. How could we? Whoever would go for all such hard working cultivation only to reach the final destination of … nothingness? You gotta have Nirvana, Enlightenment, supernatural abilities, Heaven, magical powers, and all those good stuff… Well, if those were what our hearts desire, they shall be manifested. And there’s nothing wrong with using them to help others, I guess.

I recall that, recently, a friend asked Master Dang in private what he can expect to see when flying out to the Universe. Master smiled and lowered his voice: “Nothing. Nothing but blackness and silence. But it has everything in it. Once you emerge in it, you will understand the experience.” Now that the master had gone, how can this be verified? Could it possibly be that Lady Theresa had heard similar statements? Perhaps we should ask her.

So think about it. Don’t our heads and minds feel very tired looking up and down of the pyramids for half an hour, or emitting energy into the antenna, to all the nations on earth, all the cells, all the relatives and friends, all the loved and hated ones, etc.? Although in doing so, we could gain more abilities to perform yet more miracles, but doesn’t it also point to its very essence: driving the practitioners toward that mind-surrendering state to reach Emptiness? The problem here is that for most of us, when we feel mentally exhausted, we tend to end the session. If only we took a step further; that is allowing our being to be immersed in the “king meditation”, i.e. letting go completely and “think of nothing” as Master Dang had originally taught us, yes, we would have had the chance to at least experience our first destinations. While other meditation methods may take decades of practice before one can experience deep “Samadhi” and emptiness, our UE “king” meditation may be able to take the practitioners to various levels of “Samadhi” much quicker. And such is the best advantage that UE has to offer to all of us.

(Next postings will be on a meditation method that opens Chakra 1)

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