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ANNOUCEMENT: Meditation & pray for CEREMONY 1000 years THANG LONG HANOI
Old 01-10-2010, 9:10 am  
Senior Member

Default ANNOUCEMENT: Meditation & pray for CEREMONY 1000 years THANG LONG HANOI
For celebration of ceremony 1000 years THANGLONG HANOI. On behalf of Association of UE Aplication Luong Minh Dang,We especially invite all of you members of MEL or UE practitioners in whole World to participate together : meditation & pray for protection Vietnam and our earth from Oct.1.10 to Oct.10.10 at 6:00 AM , 12:00 Noon & 12:00 Mid night (Vietnamese Time). We wish for all mankind to become Wisdom Enlightenment and harmony of Love energy from God, Master Luong Minh Dang" Soul and Higher Beings Yours sincerely Association of UE Aplication Luong Minh Dang

thay đổi nội dung bởi: Mel_NMQ, 01-10-2010 lúc 9:14 am.
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Dưới đây là 3 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến Mel_NMQ vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (02-10-2010), cheznous (14-01-2011), lightofjoy (09-10-2010)
Old 09-10-2010, 11:45 pm  
Senior Member
lightofjoy's Avatar

I'd like to thank admins for re-opening the forum for unregistered users, which allowed me to learn about this announcement and put the event in my calendar.

Any reasonable excuse to meditate is always welcome

I don't spend much time in social networks, and only sign-in to the forum when I see something urging me to make a post. Congratulations to our Vietnamese friends worldwide!!!
Как бы вы не представляли себе Истину и Бога, помните - они другие
Anything you can imagine about the Truth and God is not right - they are different

Делая что-либо, поступай как если будешь жить вечно... Передавая энергию - как в последний раз...
Doing something, act as if you'll live eternally... Transferring energy - as if it's your last time...
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Dưới đây là 2 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến lightofjoy vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (10-10-2010), cheznous (14-01-2011)
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1000 năm Thăng Long Hà Nội mel Thư giản - Linh tinh 18 16-11-2010 11:42 pm
Long Hoa Hội haotamnhon Tâm linh 0 13-08-2010 7:15 am

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