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(Video) About The Seven Chakras Meditation
Old 10-07-2010, 3:03 am  
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Default (Video) About The Seven Chakras Meditation
Chakra Meditation

At last, you have come to visit …

- You may have wanted to heal …

- You may have wanted to end suffering …

- You may have wanted to reach the state of samadhi …

- You may have wanted to neutralize Karmic forces …

- You may have wanted to experience equanimity and to
be carefree …

- You may be seaking total liberation …

- You wish to become a peace ambassador between
different realms …

- You wish to quietly help others …

Ah yes! The door is open.
Please enter …

Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing

Secret Meditations : Using the law of attraction

Use the law of attraction through meditation and create the life of your dreams!

Chakra 7 - The Purple Crown

Chakra 6 - The Indigo Float

Third Eye Vision

Chakra 5 Vishuddha – Throat

Chakra 4 - The Emerald Heart

Chakra 3 - The Yellow Belly

Chakra 2 - The Orange Source

Chakra 1 - The Red Root (Kundalini)

This piece is very close to completion. There are a few artifacts and audio components that have yet to be finished but I wanted to see what people think of this at this point. Part one
Picture/sound: Ted Chambers


A wonderful meditation tool to open the body's capacity to transmit and receive more love. Also good for feelings of self esteem. English only. For more complex meditations with Jasmuheen you may wish to purchase her MEDITATION MAGIC book from


To have a deeper experience of what Jasmuheen is sharing in her YouTube channel & websites, you may wish to join her in meditation on various subjects - go to her iTunes store at


where you can download these as MP3 files. Your financial support - via the purchase of the below meditations - will not only aid in the expansion of consciousness to higher levels, but will also help with the fulfillment of the projects of The Embassy of Peace and the agendas Jasmuheen promotes

Throughout this site, the original chakra names in Sanskrit are substituted by numbers in descending order from Chakra 7 (commonly known as Sahasrara or crown chakra) down to Chakra 1 (known as Muladhara or root chakra).

Chakra 7 - Sahasrara - Crown

Location: Top of head/skull, posterior/behind the coronal suture, linked to cranial nerves, represented by a thousand-petal lotus.

Physical Relationship: Pituitary Gland; regulates major systems throughout the entire body including the central nervous system (CNS), endocrine system, lymphatic system etc. Contains special nerve cells called “ultracells”.

Spiritual Relationship: Corresponds to the non-body, absolute transcendence.

Located at the top of the head, this chakra takes on a bright yellow color of extreme beauty when the individual's evolution is very high. It resembles a thousand-petal lotus that covers the upper half of the head.

Once unblocked, the great vital point of chakra 7 can become an invisible opening (not to be confused with a skull fracture) which can welcome the divine will, the sacred light and the life force of the universe. Sometimes it can be allowed to receive cosmic rays, whether radioactive or not, without being destroyed by their extremely high temperatures. Even though this information can expand our knowledge, we have still not reached the necessary level to apply it. The serpent of fire is also a kind of fire of the universe that is extremely hot and pure.

Chakra 7 deals with sense perception, mood, intelligence, understanding, reflection, the conscious, the subconscious, the will, and reasoning. Chakra 7 is helped by special nervous cells called "ultracells". Since the day that Humankind sank into a lower consciousness, into the karma of arrogant pride, of deceit and of vanity, dropping farther from the life of spiritual happiness, of intelligence and of love and compassion of God, Humankind also forgot about its ultracells and no longer remembers how to use them. It should be noted that chakra 7 and the ultracells have a dazzling golden light of extremely high frequency. This frequency alters all the other cells of our body, making them vibrate at a higher and higher frequency each day, until they reach enlightenment or paradise. These ultracells have a special makeup. For the moment, we will call them cells which produce luminous electricity. They follow the immortal and imperishable soul, and when it reincarnates in a body, they enter into the brain of that body. We can consider them as an electric generator of supernatural power with many functions and effects, and with unlimited applications. If we learn to use these ultracells, we will be able to accomplish supernatural feats and, naturally we will become special human beings who have realized the latent abilities within us all to assist humanity.

Non-body means nothingness, the point where the state of being transcends to the state of non-being. In this way, the non-body is an absolute death. It is the extinction of the flame of a lamp. Absolute death does not mean annihilation, but simply that nothing remains of the preceding life, it is the death of the past.

From there, the cycles of creation and destruction, non-creation and non-destruction, light and darkness, birth and death...all exist simultaneously. It is the attainment of the Ultimate, which cannot be described by the language of duality. It is the reason why the ancient sacred scripturesalways stop at the fifth body, and the mystery begins at the sixth, the cosmic body.

Chakra 6 - Ajna – Third Eye/Brow

Location: Middle of forehead, linked to cranial nerves, represented by a hundred small petal lotus.

Physical Relationship: Pineal gland and all non-physical senses.

Spiritual Relationship: Corresponds to the cosmic body, transcendental spirituality.

To be able to use the divine eye, we must have an abundance of internal energy. This is why all the chakras must be unblocked beforehand and why we must eliminate all impurities and discipline ourselves to experience a dramatic increase in internal energy. The divine eye can see images and other information related to any soul’s past, present, or future. It can completely understand astronomy and geography. Depending on the individual, efficiency of the divine eye varies according to destiny and karma.

The cosmic body is deliverance, the foundation of existence, the basis of all creation, the life-force, ultimate reality. The third eye, or clear vision of wisdom, is used to look at the infinite Universe during both present and remote (distance) forms of an energy transfer to an individual patient, a group of patients, a collection of photographs or names on a list, and assistance to numerous locations on Earth, from anywhere in the world. It must be understood the person using chakra 6 for assisting humanity cannot be considered as having attained the cosmic body.

Side note: Besides having the capacity to function similar to a microscope, the divine eye may also be used to view our internal microcosmic universe and assist in source integration at a cellular soul level.

Chakra 5 - Vishuddha – Throat

Location: On the spine, generally 1” below the start of spinal cord on neck, behind the throat and between shoulder blades, approximately at T2, represented by a sixteen-petal lotus.

Physical Relationship: Thyroid gland, respiratory system (lungs, ears, nose, throat etc.) and skin.

Spiritual Relationship: Corresponds to the spiritual body, spirituality.

This chakra corresponds to the spiritual body that is permanently present in consciousness and that transcends the world of duality and unconsciousness. During sleep, the body sleeps, but the spiritual remains conscious. Impressions, thoughts, movements, language...all are in a state of perfect wakefulness. The one who finds himself in this fifth body is an awakened person who has woken up from the illusion of the world and of the Self.

Side note: Chakra 5 also plays a role in the release of surfaced information from the lower chakras and energy field upward to chakra 7 out into the universe. This is analagous to lifting the lid from the pressure cooker stored with 'old information'.

Chakra 4 - Anahata – Heart

Location: On the spine at the level of the sternum and heart, approximately at T6/T7, represented by a ten to twelve-petal lotus.

Physical Relationship: Thymus gland, circulatory system (heart and blood vessels).

Spiritual Relationship: Corresponds to the mental and physic body, spiritual psychology.

This chakra pertains to the soul – mercy, compassion, purity, and nobility of the soul, absolute forgiveness, goodness, tolerance, and the endless love that embraces the Universe. When this chakra is unblocked, it spins at a very high speed and all the cells in our body vibrate at such a high frequency that we are able to express our love and compassion to all people. If this chakra remains sealed and does not function, much though we may speak of mercy, our words will have no concrete effect. If we can shape our love and compassion with a maximum vibrational force, then this love and compassion will be able to unburden Humankind from a great number of its karmas.

The mental and physic body has natural qualities of imagination and dreams. Ideas develop and become decisions and will. Dreaming becomes a point of view, psychic vision. This body further develops through experiences and intensive tests. The non-ordinary experiences of the fourth body are the phenomena of hypnosis, telepathy, clarity of the mind. This is the knowledge of wisdom. The person who has a well developed fourth body can communicate with others, with time or space forming no hindrance. This person can read the thoughts of others; let others feel his own thoughts, leave his physical body, the first body.

From the physical body to the psychic body, the pattern of impressions, thoughts and activities still remains in the world of duality: good-bad, light-darkness, beautiful-ugly, God-Devil, justice-injustice, consciousness-unconsciousness.... When one has arrived at the fifth body, the spiritual body, one transcends this perception of duality, the world of duality. The world of the fourth body is the world of the subject and not of the object. Very few people are able to develop their fourth body.

Chakra 3 - Manapura – Solar Plexus

Location: On the spine behind the navel, approximately at L4/L5, represented by an eight-petal lotus.

Physical Relationship: Pancreas and adrenal glands; digestive and excretory systems; responsible for the production of blood and conversion of food into life force.

Spiritual Relationship: Corresponds to the astral body, psychology.

Creates two possibilities, doubt and evolution of thought is transformed through meditation into confidence and knowledge.

If regulation of both digestive and excretory systems is weak, visceral diseases particularly cancer develops.

Chakra 2 - Svadhisthana – Abdomen

Location: Tail bone, coccyx, generally 1/2” above the bottom tip, represented by a six-petal lotus.

Physical Relationship: Ovaries and Testes; sexual and reproductive systems. Chakra 2 regulates physical and internal energy for the body.

Spiritual Relationship: Corresponds to the etheric body, psychophysiology.

Also creates two emotional possibilities: the natural base of the emotional body is hatred, fear, anger and violence. Then, through meditation, these states of mind will be transformed into love, courage, kindness, friendship and forgiveness.

If individuals are too inclined towards physical pleasures, we naturally deplete much of our life force. The body slowly weakens. With wisdom and cultivation, one learns to balance pleasures transforming physical and sexual energy into spiritual energy. Then, this chakra and body can fully develop.

Chakra 1 - Muladhara – Root/Base

Location: Perineum, between the anus and genitals, represented by a four-petal lotus. Physical Relationship:

Spiritual Relationship: Corresponds to the physical body.

This is the location where the sacred fire termed serpent of fire or Kundalini resides. This fire can run up along the spine through a hollow canal called Sushumna. The serpent of fire can rise easily and this is why some people who are unprepared with closed or blocked chakras can experience mental instability, brain damage, and in some cases a form of possession.

Sexual desire develops naturally to create life, and in the gradual process of spiritual evolution this body is transformed through meditation.

thay đổi nội dung bởi: cheznous, 14-08-2010 lúc 5:34 pm.
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13cdmitriy (10-07-2010), ltduy001 (10-07-2010), Анечка (11-07-2010)
Old 10-07-2010, 8:15 pm  
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How colorful and beautiful they are!
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Dưới đây là 2 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến ltduy001 vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (10-07-2010), cheznous (14-08-2010)
[Video] The Illuminated Chakras
Old 27-07-2010, 1:39 am  
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Default [Video] The Illuminated Chakras
Click to this picture to view video:

Success is getting what you want,
Happiness is wanting what you get.
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Dưới đây là 2 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến admin vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (27-07-2010), cheznous (10-08-2010)
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