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Metaphysical realm... guidance given then followed
Old 19-06-2008, 1:12 am  
Senior Member
healingnow4u's Avatar

Post Metaphysical realm... guidance given then followed
Dear Brother's & Sister's,

Benefit and dangers:

Benefit's in following Guidance given then followed always has a great learning oppertunity for that person and all that see the example that is the result of guidance given then followed threw with.

When we all act with the Power of Divine Love guiding us, we all know that the rewards are given; but, we really may not be concerned with what those rewards are.

When we do notice that the blessing we may be seeing and living right in front of our eye's may be rewards from what we have done, due to; doing what the Divine Diety's have asked/guided us to do; it may bring joy, peace and happiness to our mind, body and spirit/Soul (that is how i know that the guidance is from Divine Diety's) and that is Good...And we Press on...continuing to do what we have promised to do for the Divine.

Dangers may be, that we place ourselves and our lovedones in some type of strong negative rejection to what we are doing there at that NOW moment, to bring that Power of Divine Love to that area, person or soul that maynot understand the bigger picture for that area, person or soul. For example; being forced out of a house or apartment/flat for some reason or being car jacked at a stop light (true story of a fellow ue pratitioner) or just stopping to help someone out that is in need...etc..

Personaly, I have noticed that those that have done harm to myself and my family when doing what I was guided to do; end up suffering great pain, (being stranded in a differrant country with no money to buy a plane ticket then told by Master to never return)((true story of a ue practioner)) be it may physical or even death. When I hear about there suffering's...I send Divine Love to them right at that moment. If they have died; I ask the Divine to "have mercy on their soul"...

We are given a Great Powerful Gift from the Divine threw Master Dangs Gift and Teachings. As Master Dang has taught many time's there is no good or bad. All beings Learn from the Powerful Divine Love that is with us constantly and continously in our NOW moment.
Sincerely Your's in Love, Light and Healing Happiness,
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Old 19-06-2008, 5:11 am  
Senior Member

Dear friend,

What harm have people caused you or your family that would merit: "suffering great pain .. or even death" ?

That's quite a serious claim. I can only assume that what you were guided to do was of extraordinary spiritual importance that somehow affects the eventual destiny of mankind. Otherwise the people who hindered you must have committed some kind of atrocity on you for the Higher Beings to mete out such an extreme punishment.

In some human societies, murder is the only crime that is punishable by death. In other societies, the death penalty has been abolished altogether.

The Higher beings are supposedly more evolved than humans. So why would they punish any offender by death ... or even illness?

As for 'there is no good or bad', then in that case the Higher Beings would not see what was done to you as an offence at all. 'It's all good' as the Americans like to say. They wouldn't see what you had done as particularly 'good' either, so you're right about not waiting for a reward.

It would be something that just happened, with no value judgements and therefore no punishment or reward for any party involved.

Would the person/people who have suffered and died for what they did to you agree that 'there is no good and bad?'. I guess it's all relative to what you experience.

Personally I have 'noticed' that when people told me that I would die or get sick if I didn't do what they wanted, it was just a means to control and manipulate me.

But that's just my opinion in this moment of "NOW'. Some say that the truth is 'ever changing' so no doubt I might feel different about all this 'TOMORROW'.
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Old 21-06-2008, 12:53 am  
Senior Member

Dear Friends,

I hope that you do not think me too harsh in the comments that I have made.

It just really deeply concerns me when I hear people referring to the negative consequences coming to people as a result of them not following the 'spiritual path' as we see it or perhaps hindering the spiritual path for others.

This is because of my own experience. I have been told by people in SHY that I will die if I don't do what they tell me! For a long time I believed them and it hurt me deeply psychologically and spiritually. In some ways, (and I feel ashamed to admit this) the actions of those people broke down my faith in SHY a little, although I still hang on as you can see.

Surely if a person was not involved with SHY, and they hindered the spiritual path out of ignorance, we would have to remember the words of Christ who said "Forgive them, lord, they know not what they do" even as he lay dying on the cross!

Even if a person was involved with SHY and they lost their way, surely God still sees us as His children. A parent might correct his children with a smack and a time out, but never would a parent severely harm or kill his child, even if he stole a dollar from mom's purse to buy a candy.

Surely we cannot always assume that things that happen to others have anything to do with us. Wouldn't it be better to put these things down to the fact that we still do not live in a perfect world, that illness and death are still unfortunately a part of life with physical and material causes. We have not evolved beyond that yet, even though the Master promised us that one day we will.

It is also not always the case that 'bad things happen to bad people'. Sometimes in this imperfect world, bad things still happen to the very best of people.

Surely it is only our job, if something happens to another, to remain totally neutral (the true meaning of not judging others). We offer our energy transfer in silence if it is not welcome and our human solace if it is requested.

Brothers and sisters. The world is cyring out for love. We need to be examples of kindness, sanity, clarity and logical wisdom, not more confusion, superstition and dread.

Thank you for allowing my contribution. You are all wonderful people here to permit my sometimes skeptical mind and comments.
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Old 21-06-2008, 1:35 am  
Farkhad Fatkullin
Super Moderator
Farkhad Fatkullin's Avatar

In Russia we have a saying: "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans". Whatever happens is for the better...
At L17 in April 2006 Master Dang said: "Don't fight (defend) what you believe in". I'm not very good in practicing it, but at least I remember
My spirituality: I'm a son and a father, great-...-son and great-...-father; made of body and soul, atoms and God?... Are you destined to life-long UE learning?

Моя духовность: Я есть сын и отец, пра-....-внук и пра-...-дед; состоящий из тела и души, атомов и Бога? Век живи, век учись... понимание УЭ безгранично

Старейший русскоязычный веб-сайт о Мастере Данге и его учении / Oldest Russian-speaking website about Master Dang and his teachings
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Old 21-06-2008, 9:54 pm  
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Therefore the practice is like a key, the key of meditation. If we have the right key in our hand, no matter how tightly the lock is closed, when we take the key and turn it the lock falls open. If we have no key we can't open the lock. We will never know what is in the trunk.

-Ajahn Chah, "Living Dharma"
* * *
Love & Light

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Meditations What is the purpose of each type of meditation? Benefits and dangers (if
Old 24-06-2008, 1:15 am  
Senior Member
healingnow4u's Avatar

Default Meditations What is the purpose of each type of meditation? Benefits and dangers (if
Dear Brother's and Sister's

As you see after reading the reply's on this thread; we have much to learn from all. We can become; what the Divine Plan has instore for us all with just a little communication; with all that are wanting to share and learn in this wonderful ue-global site.

Those that read one thing and understand differantly is "all Good". That is how we really get to know eachother in a deeper level.

My comment's about what I have noticed to those that have caused harm to myself and my family including my HUE family, while following the Divine Guidance that was given to me; was to share with you all; that we are protected in a way that we may not truely understand. Just like the way Master was protected from Harm and Death; that He has shared with us in many of His teaching's.

I myself do not feel that the Divine does anthing harmful to those that do harm toward HUE student's. I feel that the Divine allow's those that do those harm's; (be it may HUE stuedent's toward other HUE student's or those mentioned in the posting) an oppertunity to see that Love toward another IS the main Divine Plan. Speeking for myself, I strive to forgive those that do not know what they do. Because that is just the point....they do not know what they do...is that judging them when i feel and think that?...maybe, maybe not. I choose to think that way because I Trust My Divine Guidance, that is molding my Soul to become "I AM".

The time's that I hear about those that have done thing's that I feel are harmful act's, be it may to my family or other's, and they suffer in ways that have caused me to take notice of there plite's. Is, in my opinion, an "I AM" moment. I notice and learn from all these happening's because i am to notice and learn and grow in enlightenment and wisdom from these plite's, for the Greater Good for my soul and humanity.

We live in a day and time that with just a few seconds we are able to do the Divine's work to heal there children and show them how much Divine Love controls all there want's and need's now and forever. Sure, we may get saddened by what we/I hear at that time but I ask myself "Do I stop being a "silent soldier, calm and effective with what I have learned in HUE." or do I press on with what I feel is the Greatest Gift that The Divine has revealed to the universe threw Master and other's that have continued to Teach this Great Love for Humanity Healing....(it's a no brainer)

I Love you all!!! I do want you to share your enlightened wisdom with honesty and lack of fear that you might be upsetting the other author's that post thread's on this site or any site's that you post on. As it was shared in one of this Thread's posting "If we dont have the Key we cant open the Lock's"..(or something like that)..lol...
Sincerely Your's in Love, Light and Healing Happiness,

thay đổi nội dung bởi: healingnow4u, 24-06-2008 lúc 1:25 am.
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